Supermarket workers helped to deliver a baby after woman went into labor while shopping

A shopping trip became a labor session for a heavily pregnant woman in California, and all she had were a couple of inexperienced store staff members.

Once a pregnancy crosses the 37-week mark, labor can come up at any time and has been known to meet some women at inappropriate places. That was what happened last year to one woman shopping at a supermarket in Fresno, California.

Footage captured by the surveillance cameras show the moment a woman had to deliver her baby into a butcher’s apron after the sudden onset of labor.

The mother, a regular at the El Parian market, had only popped in for some soda around 7 pm when she started screaming, according to the store owner, Issamar Sepulveda.  

She told the Washington Post: “I heard her scream, ‘Oh my God, I think I’m having my baby!’” and in a separate YouTube clip, the pregnant woman was seen crumbling to the ground in pain.

The store staff called 911 and hoped the ambulance would make it in time, but they were put on hold. That was when they knew it was going to be up to them to deliver the baby.

The group of inexperienced people got together and was able to achieve the most. A butcher took off his apron to catch the newborn while Sepulveda severed the umbilical cord with a pair of scissors.

The store boss recalled yelling at the cook to get the scissors. In the heat of the moment, the cook panicked and asked: “from where?”

“I don’t know. Just bring me some scissors,” she replied, equally apprehensive.

Sepulveda wrote in a Facebook post:

“We all lived moments of chaos. I was so nervous and just praying for baby’s health because he looked purple.”

A Facebook Live video also showed the crying infant kept warm in blankets by store employees until the paramedics arrived.

After the episode, Sepulveda went to visit the new mom and her baby in the hospital and saw that the child, named Toby, was doing very well.


More recently, Daily Mail also reported the case of a Russian woman who went to the store for groceries, only to go into labor at the checkouts.

The 28-year-old woman calmly explained to the cashier that she was in labor and after teamwork that involved store employees and some shoppers, a baby boy was delivered.


The story was slightly different for Harvard law graduate, Briana Williams, in that, instead of a supermarket, she went into labor during one of her final exams.

Sharing her story of determination and perseverance, Williams proudly showed off her well-deserved Juris Doctor degree and her baby girl in a mini graduation gown.

Read more on that story here.

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