Dog filmed trying to revive his friend killed by a hit-and-run

Nov 10, 2018
05:40 A.M.

CCTV footage captured a dog trying to revive its little buddy after a hit-and-run driver struck the latter.


A four-year-old black and white Aspin named Lucky and a gold puppy named Brownie were wandering about on the side of the road in Bulacan, Philippines on November 3, 2018, when Brownie decided to walk towards the middle of a narrow road.

Suddenly, Brownie, who was just a year old, was hit by a white vehicle and dragged him along for several meters before he was thrown on the other lane.

Many social media users were enraged after the driver continued to speed forward without even checking on what he or she hit.

Source: YouTube/ Viral Press

Source: YouTube/ Viral Press

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It was evident in the video that Brownie’s life was coming to an end.

As for Lucky, he was quick to run towards his friend, and it was apparent how upset he was. While avoiding running vehicles, Lucky was tending to Brownie.

Source: YouTube/ Viral Press

Source: YouTube/ Viral Press

He was trying to help the younger dog and walked around him. He appeared anxious and started licking and prodding his friend. It was as if he was trying to revive his little buddy.

Motorcyclists and drivers didn’t seem to care about what was happening and passed through the two dogs seemingly unbothered.


Source: YouTube/ Viral Press

Source: YouTube/ Viral Press

Joel Cruz, a resident of Bulacan and owner of the security cameras, said the dog was his neighbor’s.

He said they went to him after they learned about the incident and wanted to know how Brownie was killed.

Source: YouTube/ Viral Press

Source: YouTube/ Viral Press

“We checked the cameras and saw the van hit the poor dog. It was heartbreaking to see, and the owners were very upset. They could not understand that nobody else stopped to help. The only one who cared was the puppy's older brother,” he said.

In another story, a dog was rescued by a kind-hearted man in Thailand. In the beginning, the dog was scared to be touched, but after spending time with his rescuer, he refuses to leave his side.

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