November 15, 2018

9-year-old Alabama girl hung herself in her bedroom after 'being bullied at school' says family

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A fourth grader that her parents knew as happy and always wanting to dance, hung herself in her bedroom closet on November 9.

On Friday after school Madison Williams and her mum, Eugenia Williams was meant to go to Chick-fil-A after school. Eugenia called her so they could go, but Madison didn’t respond. After she went looking for Madison, she found her hanging in her closet.


Madison had ADHD and had one on one help sessions at school, and had recently started on a new medication, with a listed side effect being suicidal thoughts.

The Williams family spoke to some of Madison’s friends, who told her Madison was having a hard day because of being bullied at school and looked sad.


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Incidents, where children called Madison ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb,’ have occurred before. However, her parents met with the principal of the school and thought it got taken care of.


Lt. Jimmie Williams from Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service said:

“We don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Look for changes in attitude. Changes in behavior. Support them and be there for them.”


The same situation presented in Aurora, Colorado in September, when 10-year-old Ashwanty Davis hung herself in a closet at home. It got preceded by a fight Ashwanty got into in the hopes of standing up for and defending herself. The video went viral, and the bullying got overwhelming.


Ashwanty’s parents describe the situation as a ‘bullycide’ and want to create more awareness about bullying in schools. It would appear that the term applied to Madison as well.

Ashwanty and Madison both spend a short time on life support. After Eugenia discovered Madison unresponsive in her closet, she got rushed to St. Vincent’s East and later transported to Children’s of Alabama where she got pronounced dead after being taken off life support on Monday, November 12.


On November 5, a teacher decided to take his own life while at the school where he was a Fine Arts teacher and voice instructor. Jordan Halane, 31, died at the Oak Bend Medical Center after being found unconscious in his classroom at Wessendorff Middle School, in Rosenberg.

No details about the cause of his suicide have been made public. And perhaps like in most cases, the initial signs got overlooked, as some individuals, like Madison, Ashwanty and Jordan gave no apparent indication of their true state of minds.

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