Ice-T's oldest daughter is a 42-year-old TV host & has adult children of her own

Aby Rivas
Nov 15, 2018
04:46 P.M.

At 60, Ice-T is a father and grandfather of three. His eldest daughter is a 42-year-old, and she has three grown kids of her own. Unfortunately, one of them is in jail.


Rapper, actor and producer Ice-T was still a high school student when he became a father for the first time. His high school sweetheart, Adrienne, gave birth to their daughter, Letesha, in March 1976.


But the pressure of being young parents eventually took a toll on their relationship, and they split up. However, instead of going their separate ways and causing a disturbance on Letesha’s life as a kid, they remained friends and raised the girl together. As a team.



Letesha is the oldest of three children.

In 1992, Ice T welcomed son Ice Tracy Marrow with then-girlfriend Darlene Ortiz, and three years ago, little Chanel Nicole joined the family as the first daughter of the rapper and his wife, Nicole “Coco” Austin.


Having a 3-year-old kid has triggered the protective side of the “Law & Order” star once again.

He revealed to Hollywood Life last year that, as Letesha was growing up, his tough image and hard-earned fame as one of the badass rappers in the industry helped him to make sure his daughter didn’t get in any trouble.

“I’m not an overbearing pops, but I’m definitely protective of anybody that I love,” he said. And continued:

“My reputation proceeds me. So, my daughter — I have an older daughter — she’s never had any problem. It’s kind of like, if you’re a kid and you come from the mob or something, people know not to mess with you.”


While the rapper admits that his intimidation can only go so far, he also made sure to teach his daughter that life, like roses, has its thorns. He’s now doing the same for little Chanel, as he explained:

“I think the problem with kids is, they grow up in these rooms with these balloons and pink elephants, and life isn’t really like that, you know? So I say, hey there’s people out there that really will hurt you. I don’t want them to take their rose-colored glasses off, but as long as she’s aware of that stuff, I think she’ll be okay.”



Considering that Letesha turned out to be a grown, independent woman, is safe to assume that Ice-T’s parenting techniques worked out well.


The 42-year-old has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, taking part on reality TV and radio shoes. She’s currently the host and CEO of “T-Tea-V Behind the Scenes,” she’s also a part-time host, actress, and assistant director.

She’s also a mother to three kids: Elyjah “Munch,” 23, Sah’cyah, a high schooler, and 13-year-old daughter Cojahlei. The identity of the kids’ father remains undisclosed, but Letesha has a very close bond with all of her kids, including Elyjah, who’s currently in jail.



In 2014, Elyjah was accused of killing his roommate. He was arrested in Georgia with manslaughter charges when a gun "accidentally" went off.

His roommate, Daryus Johnson, was already unconscious when the police arrived, and later on, died from the injuries he suffered.


The then-19-year-old was charged with involuntary manslaughter, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and reckless conduct. In addition to that, he confessed to being a seller of marijuana, so he was charged with possession

According to what Marietta police officer David Baldwin told the Marietta Daily Journal, Marrow reckless use of a firearm “is what led to Johnson being accidentally shot and eventually killed.”


He spent some days in jail and then was freed on bond. But a year later a judge inducted him, and even though his sentence wasn’t made public, he’s currently behind bars and asking to be freed.

The 23-year-old has an Instagram account where, somehow, he shares his developing rap skills as he warns the world that, once he’s free, he’ll be joining the industry. Just like his grandfather. Ice-T has never addressed his grandson’s situation and is unclear if he’s still supportive of the boy.



While Elyjah is getting ready to drop some hip-hop tunes in the future, Ice-T has stated in repeated occasions that he doesn’t want his daughter Chanel to follow his steps in the industry.

The adorable 3-year-old is one of the most loved babies on social media, thanks to the constant stream of pics and videos that her mother posts with her. Fans love Chanel, and she loves the attention in return, proving that she carries the stardom in her DNA.


A few months ago, Chanel got a taste of what is like to be on the stage in front of thousands of people, when her father took her and mom around Europe for a tour with his heavy metal band, Body Count.

She loves to pose for pics and has no problem basking in the screams on her father’s fans, so Coco’s and Ice-T’s expectations about the girl becoming a scientist or a doctor will possibly crash with her own goals.


“We can only hope, I mean, she is growing up around us! She’s already a character — she’s already funny! She might be a stand-up comedian,” said Ice-T.

Considering that Chanel is only three, there’s a world of possibilities for her. Meanwhile, the toddler loves to spend time with her family, including her big sister Letesha, who has nothing but love for the baby girl.

And while Letesha waits for her son to be free once again, she keeps working on her craft and making her father proud.

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