Meghan Markle savagely criticized for wearing ripped jeans and ‘slobbish’ shirts

75-year-old Welsh BBC presenter John Humphrys commented on Meghan Markle adopting the latest fashion trend known as the “French tuck,” and his opinions weren’t favorable for the Duchess.

According to Express, the style, also known as the “fashion tuck,” has been worn by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Julianne Moore, but the BBC Radio 4’s presenter is not having any of it.

Although Humphrys didn’t explicitly mention it, he was apparently referring to the look the Duchess of Sussex had during when she attended the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, with her then-boyfriend Prince Harry.

While the broadcaster made clear that he doesn’t fancy the style in any way, he made his point in comparing how men and women were judged differently when using the style. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

"That, I’m told, is the latest fashion trend — wearing your shirt with one half tucked in your waistband, and the other half hanging free,” Humphrys said, describing the street fashion trend.

"When men do it, it’s because we are basically slobs and we don’t even notice. When women do it (OK — some women), it’s because they want to appear fashionable,” criticized the presenter.

"Apparently Meghan Markle does it, and so does Cate Blanchett — and you don’t get a greater endorsement of a fashion trend than that,” he added.

"Anyone who does not believe women and men is equal is a moron. Equal but different. I have four words to support that view. The first two are 'French tuck' […] The other two words are 'ripped jeans'. And with that, I rest my case."

-John Humphrys, Express, November 16, 2018.

Despite having proved in enough occasions that she can dress elegantly and flaunting designer’s clothes, Markle is known to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable style, now more than ever, as she is four months pregnant.

As hard as she has worked to look the part of a prince’s wife, and despite the divided opinions about her fashion decisions, she also has a tendency to break the rules when it comes to royal dress codes.

Recently, Duchess Meghan gracefully sported a fairly down-to-earth look, surprising everyone by simply styling her hair in a ponytail.

The rest of her look consisted of a loose white top, tight black pants, matching boots, and a grey blazer from the collection of her friend and tennis player Serena Williams.

Markle might have been a Hollywood celebrity before meeting Prince Harry, but she never was under so much scrutiny until she joined the British Royal Family. Now everybody wants to learn every detail of her life prior to marrying a prince.

That is why the media learned about a group photo taken 12 years ago on which Markle appears along “This is Us” star Mandy Moore, they had to know what Moore could tell about the actress.

Moore, who worked in “License to Wed,” produced by Markle’s ex-husband Trevor Engelson, in 2006, had only nice things to say about the “Suits” alum, stressing that Markle “is a lovely, generous woman.”

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