Tika Sumpter claps back yet again at critics coming for her interracial relationship

Aby Rivas
Nov 20, 2018
02:09 P.M.

Tika Sumpter will not sit and watch how haters and trolls come after her man for their interracial relationship, and she let the world know she’ll clap back in her fiancé’s defense while promoting her latest film, “Nobody’s Fool.”


Tika Sumpter is a fierce woman when it comes to defending the people she loves, and she made that clear in one of her recent interviews with Madame Noire, playing a game called “Spin and Spill.”


The actress, who mostly kept quiet about the critics to her relationship in the past two years, is finally speaking up about it.


In the clip, recorded while she was promoting her film “Nobody’s Fool,” Tika opened up about what she thinks about trolls slamming her for dating Nicholas James, and a white man.


“Don’t come after my dude like that,” Tika threatened after explaining that “love is love for everybody.”

She also explained that it surprises her how, brown women, in particular, come after her for falling in love with James. “If we’re going to say ‘love is love,’ then we need to say ‘love is love for everybody,’” she added.

Tika also suggests people who come after her relationship are not happy with their own lives, and send them a message saying:

“Look within your own lives maybe you’re just not that happy, and I’m sorry about that.”


Sumpter also warns her detractors that she’s “a nice girl,” but she’s “going to say something back” at least once.

“When somebody tries to play me and then play him, nah, I can’t pass on that one.”

Her main point is that “you fall in love with who you fall in love with” and she couldn’t care less about what others think about her relationship.



Sumpter and James started dating two years ago after meeting on the set of “The Haves & Have Nots.” Then, she got pregnant with their daughter Ella, but she kept her pregnancy away from the spotlight until she was on her third trimester.

And even after giving birth, she didn’t reveal the identity of her baby’s daddy, afraid of dealing with the hateful comments online and stating that she preferred having “peace of mind” and protect her little family.


When Tika finally revealed Nicholas’ as her future husband, haters had a field day on her comment section, criticizing her for choosing a white man over a black one, and calling her names that are too harsh to repeat.

The actress stayed quiet for most of it, but now she’s ready to fight back.


Last month, Sumpter put twitter user @thej_miles on their place after they shared a photo of a young man named Nick James, just like Tika’s fiancé, making fun of him and stating he was “Tika’s husband.”

The38-year-old replied directly to the Tweet with a pic of her actual boyfriend to clear any misunderstanding. Calling the boy in the original picture “sweet” and telling the user to “do better.” But all she got were more nasty replies, as people apparently can’t fathom the fact that such a beautiful black woman fell in love with a white guy.


In another post responding to a tweet accusing her of betrayal, she wrote,

“Betray? Never. I’m just a girl who met a boy and fell in love. I hope you find someone and do exactly that.”



Amid the constant chaos in her comment section and Twitter replies, Tika found some time to educate herself, and others, with the help of her older brother.

In a new series for BET titled “Now You Know,” Tika discuss essential things like the Midterms and Immigration, and for the last one, she had her brother Curtis as a special guest.


The siblings discussed the common misconceptions surrounding the topic in the U.S, and according to Curtis, while most immigrants seem to come from Mexico, and Central and South America, there also the ones who arrive at the country with studying or working visa and then stay even after their due date is gone.

Sumpter also mentioned the creation of NAFTA in the 90s’ by Bill Clinton, and how Americans thought that by signing an agreement where the U.S would send more factories to Mexico to create more jobs, Mexicans would stop coming into the country illegally.


But that didn’t happen, and instead, there are fewer jobs and more immigrants on the country.

Tika seems satisfied with the explanation, but she never gets to express her opinion on the matter.

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