Mom goes viral after delivering twins in car while giving husband directions to the hospital

Dacia Pittman, a 23-year-old woman from Caldwell, Ohio, became a viral sensation after giving birth to twins in a car while explaining to her husband how to get to the hospital

It happened on November 5, when Dacia woke up at 6 a.m. after struggling to sleep properly. At that point, she started feeling cramps that quickly progressed, which means that labor had started.

The woman woke up her husband, 26-year-old Marcus Giffin, and told him that they needed to go to the hospital. The couple packed a bag and called Dacia’s sister-in-law to meet them and pick up her two older sons.


Dacia and Marcus were driving their way to the hospital – which was about 25 minutes away from their house – when the proud mother realized that her twins wouldn’t wait that long.

In an interview Dacia had with Today, she revealed that “it just happened.” At some point, she told Marcus, “Babe, I don’t think I am going to make it.” She didn’t make it, indeed, and one of her babies, Everett, was born in their vehicle.


If that wasn’t bad enough, Marcus didn’t know how to get to the hospital, so he kept asking Dacia for directions. 10 minutes later, the second twin, Amelia, was born en caul while the couple was speeding along the highway.

En caul births are rare. According to BabyMed, it means that the child is born with a portion of the amniotic sac or membrane remaining on the head and, in some even rarer occasions, on the torso.


Dacia broke the sack herself and even told her husband, who was very nervous, that everything was fine. “[The twins] are healthy and alive and crying … you don’t have to speed,” Dacia told Marcus. Once in the hospital, several doctors walked to the couple’s vehicle with blankets and a stretcher for the mother and the babies.

Everett and Amelia were so healthy and in such a good shape that they didn’t need to stay in the NICU. Just two days after the dramatic delivery, the family was sent home.


Lucy and Maria Aylmer are twin sisters. However, they couldn’t pass as siblings because one has a fair complexion and straight ginger hair, and the other has brown skin and curly brown hair.

The girls are now 21 and it's safe to assume they gave their parents the surprise of their life when they were born. Their father Vince is white, and their mother, Donna, is half Jamaican. However, all their other children are biracial, so they could have never guessed they would produce such strange twins.


Maria and Lucy not only are different on the outside but they also extremely opposite personalities that reflect on their styles.

While Maria loves to dress in a chic style and is more girly, Lucy prefers punk clothing and even has perforations on her face. Lucy studied art and design at Gloucester College, while Maria studied law at Cheltenham College.

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