Harrowing moment daycare worker is caught on camera abusing 4-year-old

A mother has been in the terrible situation of denouncing a teacher after seeing the bruises she caused her 4-year-old son.

Tracy Ludwig, 36, a teacher at a Texas preschool is accused of sitting astride the child and slapping him more than 10 times while trying to control the child's tantrum in the playroom, reported Fort Worth Star-Telegram, according to AJC.

The incident occurred on November 6 at Little Country Daycare in Haslet and was captured by the surveillance cameras of the school. Ludwig, of Lake Worth, is also accused of pinching the boy several times in the neck while trying to restrain him and stop him from kicking.

Kindsie Andreason, the boy's mother, said she demanded to watch the security videos when she noticed the marks her son had. The footage showed her son, Hunter, lying on the ground and being immobilized by a woman. The woman in the video was identified as Ludwig, the television station reported.

"She straddled him, pinned him to the floor and she started hitting him and beating him across the face and chest," Andreason told WFAA. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.

Brenda Ward, the owner of Little Country, said she was "fully cooperating with the investigation," however, declined to comment further on events at her school, Star-Telegram reported.

As determined later, the incident occurred after the child was removed from the quiet room because he was interrupting the nap time, Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn told KXAS.

Paul Andreason, the father of the child, arrived at the center to pick up his son after receiving a call informing him that his son had not had a good behavior and that he had interrupted the nap of the other children.

"When my husband asked about the child's scratches, they told him he scratched himself," Andreason told the newspaper in an interview. "Then, when I asked about it, they told me that his jacket caused the marks."

After hearing that his son had behaved badly that day at school, Andreason gave the child a timeout and reprimanded him for his behavior. The mother told WFAA that her son was afraid to tell her what had happened at the school.

“Just to know that we got onto Hunter and we reprimanded him for kicking whenever he was just trying to defend himself against a 36-year-old woman that was pinning him down and beating him – it just makes you sick,” Andreason said in the interview.

After seeing that Hunter's red marks turned into bruises, Andreason went to the school center to demand answers. The child's teacher told her to talk to Principal Ward, who showed the mother a 10-minute surveillance video.

When the mother and the principal confronted the teacher, "she acted as if she had never seen the video," Andreason told Star-Telegram. "Everyone apologized."

Warning: It is advisable to watch with discretion because the video contains images that can be strong for our most sensitive readers.

After seeing the disturbing images of Ludwig mistreating her son, Andreason contacted the authorities. Now, she is filing a lawsuit against the daycare, its owner, principal, two teachers and Ludwig, reported WFAA

This terrible story also happened at a daycare in Ozark, where a worker was arrested after wounding a 2-year-old boy.

The mother said she was called by a staff member who said her two-year-old son was vomiting and was not feeling well. When she picked him up, Stark took her son to the hospital, where she discovered that he had a concussion.

This reminds us of the story of Deirdre Engle, who was horrified when she saw a photo showing her six-month-old daughter being tied down at daycare. The mother took to Facebook to express her rage over how a daycare staffer treated her daughter, Elora.

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