Mom receives photo of daughter at daycare and discovers that she is cruelly abused there

Rebelander Basilan
Nov 01, 2018
11:26 P.M.

Deirdre Engle was horrified when she saw a photo showing her six-month-old daughter being tied down at daycare.


The mother took to Facebook to express her rage over how a daycare staffer treated her daughter, Elora.

“Recently we had to remove our daughter from daycare when we were contacted by Kansas DCF. Our daughter was being tied down for nap time,” she wrote.

“For clarity, she was being put into a sleep sack with her arms inside it, and all the material gathered in back and tied up so she could not move her arms, then put down on her belly so she could not roll over,” she added.

Source: YouTube/The Doctors

Source: YouTube/The Doctors

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They discovered the abuse after a staffer at the Kansas Department for Children and Families sent them the photo, which Deirdre described as “heartbreaking and infuriating.”

Source: YouTube/The Doctors

Source: YouTube/The Doctors

The photo shows little Elora lying face down in the crib and wrapped tightly in the sleep sack that was pulled back with a hair band.

Deirdre and her husband, Jonathan, quickly went to the daycare and removed their baby.

Source: YouTube/The Doctors

Source: YouTube/The Doctors


“I hope this never happens to another child, and I hope people are still brave enough to advocate for those who can't protect themselves, even at risk to themselves. Take care of your babies,” Deirdre wrote.

Her post has been shared dozens of times on Facebook with people expressing their outrage in the comments.

“I would be in prison because no one hurts/ignores my child purposely in any way and gets away with it. This is exactly why I stay home with my babies. Can't trust anyone,” one Facebook user wrote.



Just as heartbreaking is the story of eight-month-old Evie, who was physically abused by her own mother.

Lorien Norman, 26, pled guilty to physically abusing her daughter with a kitchen spoon. What enraged netizens, however, is that Norman received minimal punishment.

She was given a suspended jail sentence and a $500 fine after pleading guilty to abusing her baby. After having avoided such a punishment, Norman was then discovered bragging about how she 'got away' with the crime.

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