Tia Mowry celebrates baby Cairo's 6-month-birthday & reveals her postpartum struggles in new post

Earlier this year, Tia Mowry-Hardrict gave birth to her second child. Now that she is celebrating her baby girl's 6th month on Earth, Tia shared a little something about her postpartum struggles on Instagram. 

While most mothers try to hide the struggles part of their pregnancies and early stages of motherhood, Tia has never been afraid to show how life truly is - be it its good sides or challenging sides. Beyond showing how much her daughter has grown in the past six months, she also shared about issues that a woman's body experiences after giving birth. 

On May 6, 2018, Tia and her husband Cory Hardrict welcomed their first daughter named Cairo Tiahna Hardrict. Prior to her birth, the lovely couple only shared a son named Cree, 7 years old. 

Since giving birth, Tia has been open about the postpartum struggles that she has been experiencing, proving that she, too, is very relatable. 

Two weeks after she gave birth, she shared a photo of herself and explained how mothers should not be in a rush to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy. 

"This is MY #postpartum Two weeks in. Do I still have a belly yes. I actually look like I’m 4 months pregnant and that is OKAY. I wanted to shine a light on how our society creates false expectations after a woman gives birth."

Now, a good six months after, she used her social media influence yet again to reach out to new moms and empower them to keep going at their own pace.

"Still breastfeeding and pumping while working. Has it been easy? No. However, I’ve continued to push through #mastitis and working sometimes 16 hour days."

Mastitis is a medical condition wherein the breast tissue becomes painfully inflamed. This often occurs in breastfeeding moms, and it can make feeding your child a struggle. However, Mowry has decided to power through the pain and the fatigue of work just to make sure that she gets to take care of Little Cairo properly. 

Despite having to work 16 hours a day at times, she gets by with a whole lot of help from her loving husband Cory. This has made the challenge all the more conquerable, as she is not going through her postpartum struggles alone. 

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