5th-grader uses auctioneer talent to raise $4,500 to pay sick teacher’s medical bills

Dec 07, 2018
07:21 A.M.
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Carter Haslag is only 11 years old, but he was able to raise $4,500 for his teacher who has cancer by using his auctioneering skills.


The fifth grader from Green Ridge – a small town in Missouri – found out that her teacher, Sue Kohues, has Stage 4 endometrial cancer.

Feeling the need to help, he planned to raise money for her.

Speaking about Kohues, Carter told FOX4KC, "I really love her as a teacher.”


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Using his talent as an auctioneer, he helped to auction off lots of stuff ranging from baked goods up to woodwork.

Eddie Foster, his mentor, said that Carter brought together the entire community to get the fundraiser going.


"Not too many 11-year-olds would take on that kind of responsibility, and he never hesitated," shared Foster.

With Carter’s efforts, they were able to raise $4,500, which was used to pay for his teacher’s medical expenses.

"It was really a surprise, but she deserves it," said the 11-year-old.


Following the auction, Carter said Kohues was emotional and grateful.

What Carter did only shows how selfless he is since he had been fighting his own battles as well.

When he was a baby, he hit his head and doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy. He had been suffering from seizures ever since.


Even though it was hard for him at first, a team of doctors had helped him to manage his attacks. Carter shared that being at the farm has helped him a lot.

When he grows up, Carter said he wants to be a farmer and an auctioneer. At present, he has already received local awards for his contributions to the community and for being involved in several auctioning events.

Sharing the tricks of being an auctioneer, Carter said, "You got to roll your tongue. You got to make your lips move. You got to really talk fast."

Meanwhile, medical science achieved a new milestone with a new cancer drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

It has already shown promising results after it was used to treat a nine-year-old who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Thyroid cancer when he was only five.