Diddy & Kim Porter's son Christian performs big brother duties for his twin sisters in video

Christian Combs, the 20-year-old son of rapper Diddy and Kim Porter, took to his Instagram story and shared his “big brother duties” with his twin sisters.

The Shade Room got all the clips together and uploaded them in its Instagram account.

In it, Christian appeared in the front seat of a vehicle saying that he had to pick Jessie and D’Lila up from school.

After that, the three of them were in a stable caressing a couple of horses and joking about them. As soon as those videos hit Instagram, several people shared their thoughts.

One of them compared Christian with his father and admitted that it was good to see him and his sisters smiling again after the loss of their mother. 

Back in November, officers received an alert that Kim was unresponsive in her home at Toluca Lake, California.

The call came in as a cardiac arrest, and she was declared dead at 11:40 a.m. local time. The memorial service was held at Cascade Hills Church.

Christian waited ten days to pay tribute publicly to his mother.

He did so by posting a photo of Kim with a short but sweet caption that represents exactly what he and his siblings are probably feeling: “I miss you Mommy,” followed by an angel emoji.


Quincy Brown, Kim’s eldest son, also addressed the situation publicly, but he did it only three days after her death was announced.

Quincy revealed to being broken and that the only thing that made sense was that his mother was too good “for this silly world we live in.”

Kim had Quincy during her relationship with Al B. Sure! However, Diddy adopted him when he and the late celebrity started a relationship.

Kim’s passing hit hard on the lives of several people, including Mary J. Blige, who was chosen to give a eulogy during her memorial.

In her tribute, Mary revealed that Kim tried to protect her from getting into a doomed marriage.

The singer added that her late friend had been laying down all the warning signs for her, but she couldn’t notice them.


Diddy has also shared several posts addressing his children’s mother passing. One of the latest things he said was that God gave him the strength to be back on his two feet to take the “daddy/mommy” role.

“Thank y'all for all your prayers and support. I'm now a part of the 6 a.m. crew. This is Mommy-slash-Daddy, Daddy-slash-Mommy checking in," said Diddy.

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