Erin Moran's Husband Defended Her after Death Saying She Had Passed Away Not from Overdose

In a moving letter, Steve Fleischmann explained details of the death of the actress of "Happy Days."

The generation of the 70s, the lovers of television, and everyone who knew Erin Moran was affected by the sad news. The famous child actress who gave life to Joanie Cunningham in "Happy Days" died at 56 years old.

They were difficult days because the speculation was added: many believed that it was because of an overdose since he suffered from addiction to some drugs and, according to his neighbors, had even been living on the street.

Her husband Steve Fleischmann wanted to clarify everything and also open up to tell what he suffered in a revealing and moving letter. In it, he said that Moran died after a short battle against cancer. They met on April 22, 1992, and they would have celebrated 26 years in 2017 hadn't she died on that very same day. 

Until November of 2016, she was fine, according to Steve. But the bloodstains continued to appear on his pillow. The first time, Erin supposed that she had bitten her tongue while she slept and her husband thought it was logical. But days later, the situation repeated itself.

When they went to check what it was, they discovered that it was not the tongue, it was her tonsils. After a biopsy, the diagnosis of skin cancer was evident.

Steve was devastated but at the same time calmed. He knew that she left this world in the best way since the illness was so strong that according to the doctors, the end would have been the same if it was full of antibiotics in a hospital.

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It's 76° on a sunny and breezy Thursday afternoon of Oct. 18, 2018 and I wanna send my heavenly birthday shout-out to the late 60s child star who would've turned 58 today. Erin Moran was an actress best known for her character Joanie Cunningham on the TV sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi. Moran's first acting role was at age 5 in a TV commercial for First Federal Bank. At age 6, she was cast as Jenny Jones in the TV series Daktari which ran from 1966 to 1969. She made her feature-film debut in How Sweet It Is! with Debbie Reynolds and made regular appearances on The Don Rickles Show in 1972 and guest appearances in The Courtship of Eddie's Father, My Three Sons, Bearcats!, Family Affair, and The Waltons which an episode she was featured in called "The Song" in 1975. She also appeared in the TV series Gunsmoke. In 1974, she said in an interview that the Happy Days producers had pressured her to change from about the age 15: "they had suddenly wanted me to lose weight and become this sexy thing". In the following years, she made several other TV guest appearances including The Love Boat, Murder She Wrote, and Diagnosis: Murder, and starred opposite Edward Albert in the cult sci-fi horror film Galaxy of Terror. She also appeared in The Waltons. In 2008, she was a contestant on VH1's reality show Celebrity Fit Club. 2 years later, she made an appearance in the independent comedy feature Not Another B Movie. In 2013, despite reports that she reunited with Happy Days co-stars Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, and Scott Baio in the 4th season of Arrested Development, she did not appear in the revamped Netflix series. On April 22, 2017, 56-year-old Erin Moran died of head and neck cancer which was caused by complications from squamous cell carcinoma of the throat. . . #mychildhooddays #oldschool #imissthosedays #wherehastimegone #whatdoyouremember #tbt #throwbackthursday #fbf #flashbackfriday #60s70s80s #60s #70s #80s #1960s #1970s #1980s #happydays #joaniecunningham #erinmoran #happybirthday #58 #rip . . Happy heavenly 58th, Joanie!!!! Thanks for the memories in the world!!!! . . Erin Marie Moran 10/18/60 - 4/22/17

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Erin's ex-boyfriend and co-star, Scott Baio, shared his opinion about the event, "If you do drugs or drink, you're going to die."

"She was just an insecure human being and fell into this world of drugs and alcohol," he said. In addition, Scott was responsible for sharing Steve's letter on Facebook, so that everyone knew the truth and respected the grief of people close to Erin.

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