Mom of triplets went viral in 2018 after showcasing huge baby bump & later on her post-birth body

Maria Nordo Jorstad, a mother from Copenhagen, surprised the world with the photos of her pregnancy of triplets and post-partum body.

The lady, who goes by Triplets of Copenhagen on Instagram, took photos week after week and made a collage showing the progress, starting in week 12 and ending in week 34.

Since she had triplets, her belly was considerably bigger than common pregnant tummies. It already looked like a full-term pregnancy in week 18. In the caption, Maria pointed out that it was an amazing journey.

“From the huge shock of learning there were three, to people’s reactions, the numerous scannings/checkups and all the preparations and planning for this lifechanging event. Nothing like the ordinary [sic],” wrote Maria.


After giving birth to Iben, Filip, and Agnes, the proud mother - and pretty much everybody - thought that her belly would come back to how it was before the pregnancy. However, the photos Maria has uploaded afterward showed how slow the process has been.

One of the images showed Maria four weeks after the delivery. Even though it was significantly smaller than it was when she was pregnant, a part of it was hanging, what made evident that she had a long way ahead.

In the caption, Maria said that she was disappointed and not happy to share that pic. Apart from that, she admitted that her C-section scar didn’t hurt anymore and that she had been feeling herself again.


Later, Maria uploaded a photo of her body 12 weeks after the birth of the children. Compared to the previous one, the difference was evident. For the caption, the mother revealed that she had been doing breathing exercises and wearing belly bands to help it get smaller.

“At my 8 weeks post partum medical check my doctor found out that I have a hernia* (in addition to diastasis recti), so I might need surgery. I will know more after an appointment at the hospital in the end of February [sic],” added Maria.

Maria is not the only pregnant lady who attracted a lot of attention. An eight-month pregnant lady dressed in a mini black dress and high heels surprised everybody with an energetic choreography of the hit song “Despacito.”

Even though the routine was impressive, the fact that the lady was pregnant made it more shocking.

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