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Meet Donna Mills' Daughter Chloe Who Looks Different from Mom but Inherited Her Elegance

Ksenia Novikova
Jul 28, 2021
04:41 P.M.
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Actress and producer Donna Mills is the proud mother of a beautiful daughter named Chloe. While they don't look alike, the young woman inherited her mom's timeless elegance.


Donna Mills might be unmarried, but she is a proud mother who is happy to be untraditional in Hollywood. She carved out a path for herself and for her 26-year-old daughter, now residing in a beautiful home as she enjoys life with her small family.

Donna, now an 80-year-old single mother to her daughter, is particular about her views on marriage and parenting, and they are different from what society deems the norm. Through the years, she's shared updates on Chloe through her Instagram for fans to see.



These photos often show the striking differences between the pair but also highlight their close bond as mother and daughter. Chloe is a bit taller than her mother, with a beautiful caramel tone to her flawless skin.

She has long dark hair compared to her mom's light blond locks. Her eyes are also darker than her mom's piercing blue eyes.



In one of the photos the actress shared during Christmas 2016, the mother-and-daughter duo opted to match in red, with Chloe in a long dress and Donna in a red skirt, black shirt, and a gold glitter jacket.

The two women were standing with their arms around one another, highlighted by a pretty backdrop of fairy lights. She went on to describe their celebration, saying:

"I took a little social media break over Christmas to be with family. I have tons of wonderful memories to share! Here is a great shot of Chloe and me at our Christmas party!"



The blond beauty has been outspoken about her lack of desire to get married. She once revealed that the thought of marriage did not make her feel any more secure than she felt being unmarried.

Even though she never felt the desire to marry, the actress did want to be a mother. That’s why she adopted her daughter Chloe in September 1994, when she was only four days old.



Aside from her personal life, Donna has always been outspoken about things she felt are of importance. In 1983, during an interview with People, she expressed the importance of her production company and two shows she had in the works because of the way they portrayed women:

“They show a woman the way I think women should be portrayed these days, as an independent entity, not a victim…someone who is strong and makes her way in the world because of her abilities.”



Indeed, Donna has taken that quite seriously in her own life, never feeling like she needed a man to validate her role or existence. To this day, she remains unmarried, but she has had notable relationships over the years.

One long-lasting relationship she had was with producer Richard Holland, with whom she is still friends to this day. The pair started dating when Donna was in her early 30's and were together for some years.



Despite being a single mom, Donna never closed her doors on love. She has been in a relationship with actor and producer Larry Gilman for nearly 17 years, but the pair have never talked about their plans for an engagement or marriage publicly.

Donna has always made it clear that her daughter is her number one priority in life, and that’s something no proposal could ever change. Recently, however, she decided to speak out about other mothers, particularly the Kardashians.

Reality television star Kourtney Kardashian on Thursday, February 7, 2019. [Location unspecified] | Photo: Getty Images



She shared her hatred towards shows like "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," singling out the Kardashians as well. She recounted how her daughters used to watch the famous family, and she called her out because she wasn't going to learn any values from the show.

At one point, someone told her that she had to sit down and watch the show with her daughter to understand why she was watching it. After she did, she ended up hating it even more.

As for why she didn't like them, she admitted that it was because the family doesn't "do anything." Her comments came as "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" wrapped up its 20th and final season.