Man sees a worried mother with a baby using an oxygen tank and offers his first class seat

A woman named Kelsey Zwick was reduced to tears when a complete stranger offered her and her sick baby his first class seat on a plane.

Zwick boarded American Airlines flight 588 from Orlando to Philadelphia last week in order to take her 11-month-old daughter Lucy to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and did not expect the kind gesture.

The mother was so grateful that she took to her Facebook page to share the story with the world, which has become viral since then with over 727,000 likes and 462,000 shares.

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"Sooo... thank you. Not just for the seat itself but for noticing. For seeing us and realizing that maybe things are not always easy. For deciding you wanted to show a random act of kindness to US. It reminded me how much good there is in this world."

Kelsey Zwick, Facebook, December 2, 2018

The man has since been identified as 46-year-old Jason Kunselman, an industrial engineer from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, who travels up to four times a week on work.


Kunselman spotted Zwick carrying Lucy and an oxygen machine while waiting to board the plane and didn't even think twice about switching seats with them.

Lucy suffers from severe chronic lung disease as a result of a complication during the pregnancy, which was why her mother was carrying the medical equipment.


Knowing that Zwick and Lucy would be uncomfortable all the way in the back of the plane, Kunselman approached a flight attendant, who then informed Zwick that he was waiting to change seats with her.

Zwick accepted the offer but she couldn't help but cry out of gratitude for the kind gesture displayed by Kunselman, who shed a few tears himself as they were exchanging seats.

"It reminded me how much good there is in this world."

The airline company has since put the two in contact and Zwick thanked the 46-year-old for his generosity, claiming that the world clearly needed his kindness.


An act of kindness can mean the world to someone, especially when the receiver is struggling; Officer Todd Bing knows it well, which was why he decided to help a 75-year-old woman named Dolores Marotta.

Bing spotted the widow at a petrol gas station, looking to buy $3 worth of gas, which was all the money she had. The officer immediately sprung into action and pumped an extra $20 out of his pocket.

Not only that, after the story went viral, a GoFundMe page was set up by Seth Kazz, the owner of the petrol station, who was able to raise $27,583 for Marotta, greatly surpassing the $5,000 goal.

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