Pennsylvania woman goes viral after giving birth in Taco Bell parking lot

Mary Scott
Dec 12, 2018
03:26 P.M.

A woman had no choice but to deliver her baby herself, and she had to work with the only delivery room available: a Taco Bell parking lot.


Kelsey Sturm got in her car immediately she started feeling contractions, but her baby girl could not wait for her mother to make it to the hospital.

Sturm had to stop at a nearby Taco Bell in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania where she hurriedly called 911. On the other end of the line, the operator offered instructions to the mom in labor.

“The 911 operator told me to find something to tie her cord,” Sturm told WTAE-TV. Unfortunately, she had no cord, but she found a ribbon in her car. “So she had a shiny ribbon tying her cord,” she added.


Sturm’s baby girl was also lenient with her mom. Named Maddie, the infant slipped out after only one push. The new mom found the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s birth funny and joked:

“I mean, I think, at least, we deserve some nachos out of this, because that happened.”

Sturm also intends to make sure her daughter hears their “Taco Bell” story for the rest of her life.



Maddie is only one of several babies that have been born at Taco Bell branches nationwide. Three years ago, a baby boy was also born in a Taco Bell parking lot in Bakersfield, California.


His parents were on their way to the hospital, but when it became apparent that the little guy was in a hurry, they pulled over in the parking lot where the baby was eventually delivered.

Local firefighters and paramedics came together to help out the couple, and everything turned out just fine.


Away from Taco Bell, one woman also had to deliver her baby in a store after going into labor unexpectedly. The customer only meant to pop into the supermarket for some soda when contraction pains came on, and she started screaming.


Surrounded by inexperienced store employees, one would expect that this woman was in the worst place, but the same employees helped deliver her baby when it was clear the ambulance would not arrive in time.

The baby was caught with a butcher’s apron, and the umbilical cord was cut with a cook’s scissors. After the experience, the store owner opened up about how she honestly felt during the delivery.

Catch up on more of the story and see the heartwarming yet hilarious video here.

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