14-day-old infant died afer she was kissed by a well-wisher

Little Kiara died at 14 days old after picking up the herpes simplex virus through a well-wisher who kissed her.

The heartbroken parents, Kelly Ineson, 30, and Thomas Cummins, 26, have informed other parents about the risks of kissing infants, as reported by The Sun.

Their daughter Kiara became sick just ten days after she was born. She was then placed in an induced coma.

"I never in my worst nightmares imagined a kiss could kill my baby, and I don't want any other parents to go through this."

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However, the doctors told Kelly and Thomas that if the little girl did pull through, she'd still probably have a brain injury from the illness.

“We begged doctors to do what they could, but it was no use,” Kelly said. “We were essentially told that we’d be waiting for her to die. I couldn’t hear any more. I just broke down, running down the corridor screaming until I collapsed.”

“I knew Thomas and I had a horrendous decision to make. It was incredibly hard, but in the end, we agreed with the doctors to let her go with peace and dignity, rather than prolong her suffering."

She added, “Our family all came to say goodbye, then left us two with her while, one by one, all the machines keeping her alive were removed. She passed away at 6:32pm on August 13 – the worst moment of my life."

Kelly has now shared her daughter's story to raise awareness about herpes infection in infants.

"We were always so careful, not letting anyone near her if they seemed poorly or hadn't washed their hands," said the devastated mother.

"I never in my worst nightmares imagined a kiss could kill my baby, and I don't want any other parents to go through this."

The herpes simplex virus causes herpes in babies. The profoundly infectious virus can spread through cold sores in grown-ups.

It can be severe for newborn children since their immune system hasn't fully developed to fight off the virus.

In another instance, little Aliza Rose died at eight days old when she had contracted herpes simplex virus. Just like Kiara, she is also thought to have picked up the virus through the kiss of an infected person.

Aliza's mother Abigail Rose said that the virus adhered to the little girl's spine and destroyed her lungs and brain.

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