Remember actor Mekhi Phifer? He’s happily married to his wife of 5 years & has 2 sons

Mary Scott
Dec 18, 2018
06:48 P.M.

Mekhi Phifer famously played the role of Dr. Greg Pratt for six years on “ER,” but in real life, it was his personal life that was ailing for so long.


Phifer was a fan favorite on NBC’s hit medical drama, but while he gave 100% to delivering his character on camera, the actor was not having it easy in his marriage.


Today, Phifer has two sons and has been married to his wife, Reshelet Barnes, for five years, but the road to happiness was long and winding.

The actor’s first marriage was in 1999 to “Soul Food” co-star, Malinda Williams. The two have a son, Omikaye Phifer, but sadly, their union was mostly rocky.


Phifer and Williams officially divorced in 2003, but the “8 Mile” actor insists they were married, from a connection and emotional standpoint, for only about a year.

After their divorce, both sides began to spill sordid details from their failed marriage that seemed to suggest the separation was a good idea.

"You’re traveling, and girls are throwing it at you and sometimes [you're] catching it."


In 2003, Williams granted an explosive interview where she revealed Phifer was unfaithful to her during their marriage. Phifer wasted no time clapping back, exposing even more painful details from their past.


He accused Williams of wanting to control him and not being supportive of his career. “She wanted a structured family lifestyle that she was used to growing up. The women are dominant matriarchs in her family, and the men are subversive, subservient and subdued,” Phifer claimed. “Me? I come from a family of men – [expletive] men handling their business.”


The “Divergent” star added:

“I was young. I had an ideology of what I was doing, but it wasn’t the right thing with that particular person. She’s a great mom; I’m a great dad. But we weren’t made for each other. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”


Years later, in 2014, Phifer would admit to cheating on Williams while they were married. “At the time it was crazy. For a lack of a better term, you’re traveling, and girls are throwing it at you and sometimes [you're] catching it,” he confessed.

After their divorce, Williams and Phifer moved on to other people. Williams married rapper D-Nice in 2008 but got a divorce in 2010. Now, she’s happily living the single life.


Phifer, also, went on to have another son -- Mekhi Jr -- with his then-girlfriend, Oni Souratha, in 2007. That relationship also hit the rocks eventually, and it wasn’t until 2013 that Phifer tied the knot again with his current wife, Barnes.

Phifer and Barnes said their “I DOs” at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills in front of 100 guests.

It wasn’t the most comfortable journey, but it appears Phifer finally found his happy place.

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