Gabrielle Union steals hearts with new photo of 'shocked' 1-month-old daughter in light pink outfit

Gabrielle Union’s daughter makes the funniest faces, and we’ll take every picture of the little one we can get. The latest photo of Kaavia James Union Wade is no less remarkable than the rest.

In a post shared by Kaavia’s Instagram page (run by her parents), the infant is pictured in a light pink outfit that makes her look more adorable than ever.

But what has fans in stitches is her facial expression. The one-month-old had her mouth in a perfect “O,” seemingly expressing surprise.

The caption, which many believe is written by the 46-year-old actress, is equally hilarious:

“Shocked! And highkey waiting for you to get in troooouuublleee...cuz I am lowkey the one who told on you #ShadyBaby.”

Only last week, Union was reflecting on the pains and challenges they experienced before finally welcoming Kaavia on November 7 via surrogate. She shared previously-unseen videos from different memorable moments, including one from the delivery room as Kaavia was lifted out of the womb and Union wept tears of joy.

“We’re finally getting to this place where there’s this little person that will call me mom,” the “Bring It On” actress said in the clip, seated beside her NBA player husband, Dwyane Wade.

Union has always been open about her struggle with infertility and how a condition called adenomyosis resulted in eight to nine miscarriages. Having a gestational carrier helped realize her dream of becoming a mom

“We’re just so thankful and grateful for the gift that they’ve given us,” she added.

And Union and Wade have been showing that gratitude to the fullest. Both the actress and Miami Heat star share pictures and videos of Kaavia non-stop as they shower her with love, and they recently welcomed her into the family in grand style with a tailgate-themed baby shower that was entirely out of this world.

They have faced their fair share of criticism, right from the first picture announcing their bundle of joy to the world, but the couple has not let that stop them from loving Kaavia, whose name is pronounced “Kah-Vee-Uh.”

Kaavia is Union and Wade’s first child together, but the 36-year-old basketball star has three sons from previous relationships and is also raising his nephew.

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