Woman finds out her boyfriend is cheating & organizes a birthday party to give him an epic breakup

Tiana Perea posted on Twitter the brutal way she broke up with her cheating boyfriend, only identified as Santos, in the middle of a birthday party in front of all her friends.

When the clip began, Tiana and her friends appeared having some drinks and wishing her a happy birthday. Since most of the people in the party knew about Tiana’s plan, they started recording everything getting ready to the big announcement.

After a while, the lady started sharing some words saying that Santos made her realize that she deserved better. Even though the man probably thought he was getting praised, the truth was completely different.


Tiana turned to him and said that everyone at the party knew he was trying to have an affair with another woman. The 22-year-old Houston resident then said that she had proofs (photos and messages) that Santos had been sending to the other woman.

One of the things that Tiana pointed out was that Santos even sent his mistress the same photos she got from him. “So, in case you didn’t figure it out, we are over,” said Tiana.


At that moment, one of her friends walked downstairs with a backpack that supposedly was filled with Santos’ belongings. The man slowly abandoned the house while Tiana’s friends cheered and praised her brutal yet effective way to finish a relationship.

Reaching the end of the clip, which contains strong language, Tiana’s friends approached and hugged her as a way to let her know that it was a good decision and that everything would be fine.


It is not the first time that a woman takes to Instagram to share a striking aspect of her relationship. Angel Exford, a South African woman living in the UK, was a victim of fraud. Her ex-boyfriend used her bank information to buy different things to his real girlfriend, spending over $1,500.

In a series of tweets, she revealed that Michael Fehsenfelt met each other and dated for a couple of months. After breaking up, she discovered some transactions in her bank account that she had not done.


After investigating for a while, Angel and her friends noticed that Michael had been using her bank information to buy different things to him and his new girlfriend, including flowers, Instagram likes, and plane tickets.

Instead of confronting him, she decided to tell police what happened and asked them to go to the Gatwick Airport at the time he and his girlfriend were supposed to fly to Paris.

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