Steph Curry's wife melts hearts with pic of 5-month-old son flashing bright smile in brown outfit

Aby Rivas
Dec 26, 2018
03:59 P.M.
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Ayesha Curry is melting hearts with a recent Instagram pic of her adorable 5-month-old son, Canon, and fans can't get enough of the boy's cuteness.


The cookbook author and mother of three recently revealed the meaning behind her baby's name, which was picked seven years ago.

Ayesha and Stephen Curry are the proud parents of three kids: daughters Riley, 6, and Ryan, 3; and son Canon Wardell Jack.

Jack was born in July after Ayesha suffered a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum, or HG, which causes nauseousness through the first trimester.


However, the 29-year-old forgot about all that once she had her first son in arms.

Curry confessed that she's a mother in love and that her bond with baby Canon is special. "I am like a jealous girlfriend," she said, "I don’t want anybody to touch him."


Ayesha's love for the boy oozes from her Instagram account, where the blue-eyed tot has taken front and center.

In her most recent photo of Canon, the little boy stole hearts wearing a brown onesie and resting on his belly on top of a fluffy white blanket.


Not shy with the cameras, Canon flashed a bright smile to the lens, and the sunlight enhanced his gorgeous eyes even more.


"Canon Jack says heyyyyy y’all! My baby boy is getting so big!" Ayesha captioned the photo.

Fans immediately took over the comment section to gush about the baby. "Your family is gorgeous! Beautiful kids! Thank you for sharing pictures with us, I love the Currys!" wrote one fan.

Another added, "He’s like an angel on a cloud..." and a third one chimed in to say "What a handsome little boy look at those eyes he’ll be a little lady killer when he gets older."



Ayesha and Stephen married in 2011, and by the time they welcomed their first daughter, the couple had already chosen a boy's name just in case. So, Canon has been a long time in the making.

“It’s so funny. His name was the first name we picked out, and we picked it out on our honeymoon,” she told People.

The name is French and means " young wolf," something that her Golden State Warriors husband loved because they consider themselves a wolf pack.


On top of that, Canon also means "official of the church,” which also fit perfectly with the family, since Ayesha explained that faith is everything for the family.

"We fell in love with the name. We didn’t know anybody with that name, and we thought it was special,” she explained. “So seven years later, we finally got to use it.”


As for the rest of the baby's name, Ayesha said, Wardell is a family name on Stephen's family.

His first name is Wardell, and his father, grandfather and so on. It's a name that has been passed down on the Curry family.

Jack was also the nickname of Stephen's grandfather who passed away years ago, so they gave Canon that name to honor the man.



Ayesha is currently splitting her time in between motherhood and work, and she says she couldn't do it without Stephen's support.

The Cover Girl representative is, in her husband's eyes, "the best mom, the best wife, and it’s really sweet of him."

Whenever she feels like giving up, on any aspect of her life, Ayesha says Stephen is there to lift her once again.

"I wouldn’t be able to keep this train going the way that I have without him,” she concluded.