Chris Rock gets slammed for not calling out white comedians using the N-word in unearthed clip

Ra'eesah Manack
Dec 29, 2018
12:28 P.M.
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A 2011 video, shown below, featuring Chris Rock and Louis C.K. discussing the n-word resurfaced over the weekend. After the video resurfaces, Chris Rock was slammed for not calling out white comedians who use the word


A video of an exchange between Chris Rock and Louis C.K. resurfaced. The contents of the video raised a few eyebrows and reignited the debate about the n-word.

Many began to question the role that white and black people play in perpetuating the n-word. While others delved into the offensive history of the word.

In the "Talking Funny" video clip, Rock and Louis C.K. are conversing with Ricky Gervais and Jerry Seinfeld. Louis C.K. revealed that his favorite joke is Rock's "when a black guy gets rich, it's a countdown to when he's poor again."


Rock then replied, "He's the blackest white guy I f*cking know," to which Louis C.K. asked, "You're saying I'm a n****r?" Rock then went on to say, "Yes, you are the n****rest fucking white man I have ever met,"

Although Louis C.K. and Gervais found the comment amusing and then proceeded to also use the word. Seinfeld, however, appeared uncomfortable and vaguely referenced the usage of the n-word by saying, "I wouldn't use it anywhere."


Louis C.K. then admitted to using the word. In a statement regarding both him and Rock, the comedian said, "we say n****r on stage."

Fans were furious at the comments and the lack thereof from Chris Rock. Many took to Twitter to call him out for not standing up for the African-American community and for not reprimanding them for using the word.


The n-word, while used by many African-American's, it was used for hundreds of years as a symbol of repression. The word was weaponized by white slave masters, colonizers and segregationists to dehumanize people of African descent to ensure they felt inferior.

Therefore the word, fans felt that it was fitting to condemn Rock for failing to call out Louis C.K over the use of the word. Many felt horrified that he laughed along with the comments.


Jemele Hill tweeted, "I know black folks who are completely comfortable with white people saying the n-word in their presence. Have had to tell a few white folks that I'm not that black person. Still it says something the only person who was uncomfortable was Seinfeld."

It is not the first time Rock has found himself in the center of a controversy caused on his actions. Earlier this year, fans slammed him for posting a 'Good men do exist' joke just after he had admitted to cheating.

On his Instagram, the comedian had shared the message “Good men do exist…we’re just ugly” then added “and some of us are broke” in his caption. However, fans quickly pointed out that since he cheated he was by no means considered a good man.