Diddy reportedly 'can't believe' his ex-girlfriend Cassie posted pictures with her new man

P. Diddy is allegedly in disbelief over his ex-girlfriend's blatant exposure of her new relationship. She recently shared photos of her kissing the man who Diddy now reportedly believes she cheated on him with. 

With the wound of Kim Porter’s passing still fresh, P.Diddy has had to endure another blow with the news of his recent ex-girlfriend flaunting her new man in public.

"It’s like she did it to upset Diddy more"

Cassie Ventura, the rapper’s former girlfriend just released a photo of her kissing her new boyfriend, Alex Fine on Instagram this weekend. The photo, believed to have upset Diddy comes in the heels of news that Ventura allegedly cheated on Diddy with Fine.


Diddy was still dating Ventura when he hired Fine to be her personal trainer. Thus, the budding couple had already been friends for months before Ventura and Diddy called it quits in October. Sources believe there was definitely an overlap which makes recent photos of Ventura cozying it up with Fine even more hurtful for the rapper. 


On Saturday, Ventura shared two images featuring Fine. One of them included her mother in the pic while the other was a telling photo of her current relationship with the professional bull rider. They were entrapped in a passionate kiss. 


Diddy and Ventura began dating in 2007. Over the course of their decade-long on-off relationship, this is the first time Ventura went public with somebody else. Sources suggest Diddy is devastated over this recent development especially since Ventura knows how heartbroken the rapper still is over the death of Kim Porter, the mother of his four children. 

“If there is anyone who knows how absolutely devastated Diddy has been since Kim’s death, it’s Cassie. He can’t believe she feels the need to post pictures with her new guy. It’s like she did it to upset Diddy more,” the source says.


Porter died in November, shocking Diddy who had a difficult time reconciling her death. He considered her his soul mate after sharing 13 years with her and raising their kids together. 


Even after Porter’s death, there were signs that Diddy and Ventura were still not over. They were even spotted together during Diddy’s mourning period. 

But that changed when Fine shared a photo of him and Ventura on New Year’s Day confirming their relationship. They were cuddling on a yacht as he wrote a cryptic number “19” in his caption. 


On Wednesday, Diddy shared a clip of a motivational speaker speaking about toxic people and getting rid of them in 2019. 

“They were for you, but when you weren't for them, they weren't for you."

"And God had to expose that, and it's painful to see people you invested in, spoke life into and believed, now they've shown who they are, and it's because God needed it to happen this year, because they could not come into 2019," 


Diddy made it known that his family will be his priority this year when he shared another post paying tribute to his mother and the strength he derives from her and his children.

“I’m the luckiest man in the world. The way my family has been strong has humbled me. They have led me. They brought me out of a state of deep depression. Their strength and love brought me back into the light. I love my family!!”

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