Lil Scrappy posts emotional message for his 'maturing' teen daughter who looks like dad

Lil Scrappy ponders on fatherhood as he pays tribute to his teenage daughter in a recent post.

He recently welcomed a son with his wife Bambi Benson. But first and foremost, Lil Scrappy was a father to his teenage daughter, Emani Richardson. A couple of days ago, the proud father paid tribute to his budding child as he reflects on what it means to parent a teenager. 

“sometimes I dnt even knw what to say cause she dnt talk about the same things no more man" 


Scrappy can’t believe his daughter who’s now 13 and looks so much like him is growing so fast. He said this much when he shared a photo of her on his Instagram and expressed how grateful he is for the kind of daughter she’s become.

“Man she’s getting older and maturing fast , I am very much grateful to God for @official_emanii . Great kid, spoil but not selfish or hateful, always trying to help her dad , I love you mama.”

Scrappy also pondered about the changes he’s experiencing now that he’s parenting a teenager. 

“sometimes I dnt even knw what to say cause she dnt talk about the same things no more man lol. Love her #parentingateenager it’s different but I got this lol”

Emani, whose mother is Erica Dixon, has definitely grown into a real beauty as captured by the photo her father shared. With full pouty lips smudged with lipstick and defined features, it won’t be long before Scrappy is fending off suitors. 


It’s no secret Scrappy reserves a special place in his heart for his eldest child. Every so often he would share glimpses of their moments together on his social media page. In August, he delighted in dropping her off in school and admitted tearing up seeing how fast she’s growing.

Earlier, he also shared a photo of her fashionably dressed in a denim outfit and sunglasses as he lamented on how blessed he was to have such a “positive and productive young lady.”

With the arrival of his 2-month-old son Breland, Scrappy makes sure Emani isn’t left out. In fact, he immediately introduced them and allowed them to bond, as evident in a photo he gushed over on Instagram. 

Clearly, Scrappy is a standup dad to have raised such a fine young lady in Emani and dote on her the way he does. It would be interesting to see how their relationship unfolds once Emani is older and introduces boys to her father. 

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