Remember the first famous Black quintuplets? They are now 35 & share updates on their lives

Ra'eesah Manack
Jan 13, 2019
01:15 P.M.
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The first famous Black quintuplets a.k.a the Gaither quintuplets are already 35 years old. They're finally opening up and sharing some updates on their lives.


Remember when the Gaither quintuplets made history by becoming the first African American quintuplets to survive? They appeared everywhere even in an adorable McDonald's commercial and now they've come back with some updates about their life.

In 1963, Sidney and Suzanne Gaither learned that they were having quintuplets. The 5 siblings were conceived naturally and without any fertility treatments.

At that time, Sidney was a 35-year-old elevator service mechanic and Suzanne was a 24-year-old student loan director at the bank. Though they could not afford so many children, they still welcomed the news with open arms.


On August 3, 1983, the Gaither quintuplets were born. They were surrounded by TV cameras and reporters.

Mr. and Mrs. Gaither had revealed that they appreciated the support they were getting. They revealed that two neighbors would babysit the quints for free and the community held fundraisers to raise money for their care. The McDonald’s endorsements were extremely helpful financially.


Brandon Gaiter, the first of the quintuplets, is already married. Brandon and his wife tied the knot in June 2018.

They have three daughters together. Brandon and his wife released a pic of them spending time with their kids earlier this year.


Rhealyn Gaither-Thomas is the next sibling. She is dated and got married to a banker named Julio Thomas.

Rhealyn and Julio have two kids together. They are the proud parents of a daughter, Aniya, and a son, Makenna. 


Her sister and fellow quintuplet, Renee Gaithers-Williams looks almost exactly like her. Renee has lead a very low key life.

She is reportedly married as well. However, she has kept the identity of her husband’s identity out of the tabloids. 


Ashlee Gaither is the quintuplet. She is the true warrior amongst her siblings having survived a near-death experience.

When they were born, she was born with severe health risks. She was placed in ICU for months and doctors predicted she would not survive.


Now she only used a wheelchair when necessary.  She outlived doctors predictions by 35 years and is still standing strong.

Recently she did an interview where she confessed, "I always get emotional at every birthday [because] I wasn’t supposed to be here.”

Her siblings immediately consoled and comforted her.


The last member of the quintuplets is Joshua Gaither. Joshua, who naturally resembles his brother completely, is not married. He is a father to two stunning children.

The quintuplets have an older brother who has managed to remain relatively anonymous. Ryan Gaither was 5 years old when the quints were born.

He is currently 40 years old. He is extremely close to his siblings and parents.