Online fans almost believed that Betty White had died, but it was just her 97th birthday

She has been lucky enough to live through so many birthdays, but that doesn’t mean that Americans don’t still get super excited when she turns another year older, so much that some of her fans got scared to see her trending.

On January 17, 2018, American treasure Betty White, of “The Golden Girls” fame, turned 97 years old, and everybody who knew this rushed to social media to share congratulatory messages about the beloved star.

So many people commented about this on social media that her name was soon a trending topic, making others mistakenly assumed that she might have died, prompting a reaction from the public.

After doing a quick research, all these worried fans were relieved to find out that the sudden interest in White’s name was only because it was her birthday. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

The misunderstanding ended up producing several posts on which the fans expressed their happiness about White been well and celebrating another milestone as she approaches the age of 100.

"I saw Betty White trending and almost had a heart attack. It turns out today is her Birthday. Happy Birthday, Betty!" user Cameron Grant wrote.

“Saw Betty White trending and almost started crying then realized it was for her 97th bday. Keep going, Betty, you’re an icon. Stay Golden, girl.”

-Nick Swardson, Twitter, January 17, 2019.

“I like how Twitter makes sure to note "happy birthday" to Betty White so people don't see her trending and immediately freak out that she's dead,” added Stacey Ritzen.

Something similar happened with actor James Earl Jones, who shares White’s birthday and turned 88 years old this year. Some fans also feared the worst when his name became trending.

“We’re gonna have to change the hashtags or something because waking up to Betty White and James Earl Jones trending is much too much. Happy birthday to them both!!!” Brittany Packnett posted.

“Using #JamesEarlJonesIsAlive and #BettyWhiteIsStillKickin to ensure no one panics,” the netizen added.

A few days before her birthday, White received homage at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, for her record-breaking career on entertainment, that has earned her Emmy nominations 24 times, of which she won eight.

White walked onstage while the audience gave her a standing ovation, and she delivered a short speech that proved that her famous sense of humor hasn’t diminished with age.

“Little did I dream then that I would be here, and it’s incredible that I’m still in this business. And you are still putting up with me,” she joked.

But even if she is surprised that she has lived so long and has enjoyed such good health that she still doesn’t think about retirement, she does have her secrets to achieve it, and she has been kind enough to share them with all of us.

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