Patient parrot lets newborn puppy cuddle with him in this cute video

Pedro Marrero
Jan 26, 2019
03:13 A.M.
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Animals’ innocence makes it possible to form some unusual friendships among them, as is the case of a tender puppy and a parrot.


Like Snoopy and Woodstock, we have seen several cases in which puppies and domestic birds become best friends and can coexist in total harmony within the homes of their owners.

And once again a tender friendship between a puppy and a parrot has been captured in a video that has already gone around the world, captivating millions of users in social media.

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In the images that were made viral, it shows how an adult parrot behaves in a quiet way next to a puppy that seems to have very few days of life because he has not yet opened his eyes.

In the video, you can see how the parrot does not put up any resistance so that the newborn puppy huddles next to it, looking for the warmth of its feathers.

Puppy cuddling with a parrot l Source: Facebook/Only beauty


The bird is lying on its back, very still so as not to frighten the baby, while the puppy huddles next to him looking for warmth and protection.

The little dog, meanwhile, at first does not seem to find the ideal position, until after listening to his heartbeat and find the most comfortable part in the chest of the parrot, supports his little head and enjoys peacefully of the moment.

The parrot is comfortable with the puppy on his chest l Source: Facebook/Only beauty


Finally, the puppy rests his head on the chest of the parrot and the bird also seems to enjoy the tender moment with who probably becomes his best friend.

This image of both huddled animals is undoubtedly the most tender manifestation of love and protection that may exist between species, and a clear example of their noble heart.


This is another of those diverse occasions in which animals very different from each other have given us great lessons that for a powerful and deep friendship there are no barriers or differences that are worth.

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