Paula Deen's sons are all grown up and they're both following in their mother's footsteps

Paula Deen is a television personality who is best known for hosting the cooking show “Paula’s Home Cooking” and for appearing as a guest judge on popular cooking competitions, such as “MasterChef.” Her sons are now continuing her legacy by following in her footsteps.

Paula has two sons; namely Jamie and Bobby. Jamie is a businessman, entrepreneur, and author. He often works with his brother on projects such as compiling cookbooks and running the family restaurant.

Bobby is more direct in how he is following Paula’s footsteps because he also hosts a cooking show and appears on cooking competition shows. He has also written two cookbooks alone.


Both Bobby and Jamie are successful at what they do, yet they still get on well and often collaborate on projects together.

Jamie lives in Savannah with his wife, Brooke, and their two children. Bobby is the father of premature triplets. This makes Paula a grandmother of five.

Bobby’s triplets were a surprise to all involved, even their mother, Claudia. They are two girls (Olivia and Amelia) and a boy, Linton.

Only time will tell if Paula’s grandchildren will follow in the family tradition of pursuing a culinary career or if they will break the mold and chase different dreams.


Paula Deen owns an eight-bedroom home in Georgia which was built in the French-Caribbean style. There are also two guest cottages, a barn, and a large garage on the property.

The kitchen is any chef’s dream and features an English-style pantry. There are lanterns throughout the house and an eye-catching Venetian glass mirror in the hallway.

The living room is the heart of the home, so it comes as no surprise that it is decorated according to a relaxing palette of blue, tan, and cream.

While her expert cooking skills are more than enough to wow any dinner guest, she ensured that everybody has a cozy dining experience by installing a fireplace in the dining room.

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