Kylie Jenner shares photos from daughter's 1st b-day bash after the celebration was rained out

A storm was brewing in Los Angeles and little Stormi’s birthday was drenched but mama Kylie Jenner made sure that it was still a day to remember.

The infamous reality TV family documents a good chunk of their lives on social media. The youngest of the brood, Kylie Jenner, is an online queen with more than 100 million Instagram followers. Once she got pregnant, her online presence was greatly scaled down and she would only post occasionally.

For 9 months, Kylie had her fans and the media at their wits’ end as they all tried to figure out if she was pregnant. She remained covered up in most of her photos during that period. Some seemed to hint at a baby bump, but Kylie and her family stayed silent.

Then on February 4th 2018, Kylie posted a video to her YouTube page dubbed “To Our Daughter.” It was an 11-minute clip that documented her pregnancy journey and culminated with the birth of Stormi on February 1st. In less than 24 hours the video racked up more than 20 million views.

Not long after, Kylie announced her baby’s name. The photo she shared drew a collective gasp from her fans and received over 11 million times in just a few hours. It showed an out of focus baby Stormi grasping her mother’s thumb. “Stormi Webster,” was the caption for the photo. This photo held the record for the most-liked Instagram picture until an egg recently dethroned it.

Since then Kylie has regained her status as a top social media influencer, and she’s done it with an adorable new sidekick. While she went back to her usual glamorous glow ups, Kylie also allowed the world to see little Stormi grow up.

Kylie’s fans have witnessed adorable moments like Stormi making a surprise appearance in a makeup tutorial video, her first Halloween where she was dressed as a cute pink butterfly, and how mom Kylie tried to teach her how to say “Kylie Cosmetics” but got “dada” instead.


Though Stormi’s birthday was not for another two weeks, Kylie started celebrating it in style with a beach vacation. In an adorable photo showing Stormi’s cute footprints in the sand, Kylie let it be known that the birthday adventures were about to begin.

Kylie was definitely living her best life as she shared a video of the huge resort that they called home while on vacation. The house appeared to be in a secluded area, with stunning views of the beach and an infinity pool. The mommy-daughter duo had fun together, including dressing up in matching swimsuits.

And on her actual birthday, Kylie gushed about Stormi in an Instagram post that warmed many hearts. “I wish you could stay like this forever,” said the 21-year-old as she shared photos and videos that documented Stormi’s growth.


Kylie Jenner had big plans to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday, but Mother Nature had something else in mind. In one of her Instagram stories, Kylie revealed, “We were supposed to have Stormi’s birthday this weekend. It’s not happening because it was supposed to rain and it’s not raining anymore, and it didn’t end up raining, but it’s alright, better safe than sorry.”

While her original plans may have gone down the drain, Kylie still managed to pull off an impressive rainbow-themed party. There was a table fit for Stormi’s cousins and friends that was decorated with colorful balloon bouquets, rainbow placemats, and centerpieces made of crayons.

                                              Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram stories/ Screenshot by 'People'

Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram stories/ Screenshot by 'People'

And a huge round birthday cake that was covered in rainbow sprinkles with the words “Happy Birthday Stormi” written in white.


Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram stories/ Screenshot by 'People'

Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram stories/ Screenshot by 'People'

There might have been a petting zoo of sorts, as Kylie’s BFF (and Stormi’s godmother) Jordyn Woods posted an Instagram Story of herself holding two little rabbits.


Source: Jordyn Woods/Instagram stories/ Screenshot by 'People'

Source: Jordyn Woods/Instagram stories/ Screenshot by 'People'


For the longest time, there have been rumors that Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott have actually tied the knot. During his Houston Astroworld Fest concert last year, Travis gave a shout out to Kylie, calling her “his beautiful wife.”

“My beautiful wife, she came out. My beautiful daughter, she’s here too,” said Scott in a move that surprised the concertgoers.Meanwhile, Kylie has done a lot to spark engagement talks after showing off a massive diamond ring on her ring finger multiple times.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Travis revealed that he intends to spend the rest of his life with Kylie. “We’ll get married soon,” said the rapper. “I just gotta sturdy up – I gotta propose in a fire way.”

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