'They killed my family': Kristoff St. John’s former wife blames hospital for death of ex and son

Following the sudden death of her ex-husband, Mia St. John is now blaming the same hospital whose negligence led to their son’s death four years ago.

“The Young & The Restless” star, Kristoff St. John, was found dead at his home on Sunday, and the sudden tragedy has left many people wondering.

But his ex-wife, Mia, seems to know who to blame for the late actor’s death. In a since-deleted tweet, Mia claimed:

“That hospital killed our son @TheArtofJulian then my husband @kristoffstjohn1. That’s what happened. They killed my family!”

The hospital Mia is referring to is the mental health facility where her and Kristoff’s late son, Julian, was receiving treatment before his tragic suicide in 2014.

Julian had a long history of mental illness and was supposed to be under close supervision by the facility, but he still committed suicide on November 23, 2014, some days to his 25th birthday.

At the time, Mia and Kristoff sued the hospital for negligence and settled the dispute out of court. It wasn’t quite so settled for Kristoff, though, as he fell into depression over his son’s death.

A cause of death is yet to be ascertained but the police suspect he died of an alcohol overdose.

Three years later, around the anniversary of Julian’s suicide, the actor was placed on suicide watch after threatening to kill himself. He was released after 72 hours of close monitoring.

Following their son’s death, Mia and Kristoff created the El Saber es Poder (Knowledge is Power) Foundation to increase mental health awareness.

As it turns out, the Emmy award-winning actor apparently never healed from the grief of his son’s passing.

A few days to Kristoff’s death, he was released from the hospital after receiving treatment for depression, and two weeks before the tragedy, he replied to a tweet that read:

“Grieving the loss of a child is a process. It begins on the day your child passes and ends the day the parent joins them.”

“Never a truer word was [spoken]. Thanks for posting this,” the actor wrote in response.

A screenshot of Mia’s now-deleted tweet. | Twitter/Mia St. John

A screenshot of Mia’s now-deleted tweet. | Twitter/Mia St. John

Kristoff was found dead at his Woodland Hills home around 2:05 pm on Sunday. He was aged 52. A cause of death is yet to be ascertained but the police suspect he died of an alcohol overdose.

Kristoff is survived by his two daughters: Paris who he shares with Mia, and Lola whose mom is Allana Nadal, Kristoff's second ex-wife.

Last September, Kristoff got engaged to his Russian model girlfriend, Kseniya Mikhaleva, and the two were planning to be married in the fall.

Kseniya has since mourned her late fiancé in a heartbreaking outpour of message son social media.

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