Some 'View' fans ask to fire Joy Behar after 'beautiful African woman' pic was called 'blackface'

Comfort Omovre
Feb 11, 2019
04:43 P.M.
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Joy Behar has come under fire as  "The View" fans ask that she be axed after photos of her darkened skin resurfaced.


In light of the series of "blackface" scandals making national headlines, another issue has popped up, and this time, it has everything to do with "The View’s" co-host, Joy Behar.

Joy Behar during a taping of "The View" | Photo: Twitter/LevineJonathan


A clip emerged recently of the actress discussing a costume she wore with darkened skin and curly hair when she was 29.

The video posted on Twitter shows the showbiz star admitting to dressing up as a ‘beautiful black woman’ for Halloween some decades ago as she thought it was "cute."

29-year-old Joy Behar poses as a "beautiful black woman" for Halloween | Photo: Twitter/LevineJonathan


Many fans of the show are not happy about it and they have expressed their views unequivocally. To them, Behar’s behavior is racist, and she should be removed from the show.

Quite a few defended her by saying her darkened skin didn’t qualify as blackface, claiming the type of makeup and costume she used isn’t the type meant to denigrate black people.


However, some believe it's only fair that the show fires Behar since Megyn Kelly was fired for defending costumes that utilized blackface.

One user, expressing his view on Behar’s alleged racist act had this to say:

“This type of racism has destroyed many people’s career. Time to start demanding her to quit!”

“Does anyone remember Meghan Kelly? Where is Al Roker? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Cory Booker? Where is Maxine Waters? Joy must be part of a better click!”


Despite all the backlash, the show has promised not to lay Behar off. The show further defended its host, pointing out the fact that she never tried to hide the photo or pretend it isn’t her.

Rather than fire Behar due to the scandal, they have decided to turn the situation into a "teachable moment."

Blackface is an age-long racist act that has been used to attack Black Americans. Its history can be traced back to the 1830s when white actors would paint their faces to impersonate slaves.

Governon Ralph Northam holds a press conference to address racist yearbook photo | Photo: Getty Images

Lately, there has been a resurfacing of old blackface videos after Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, was accused of appearing in a case of blackface in a medical school yearbook back in the 1980s.

He is currently facing a debate panel for resignation due to this backlash.