Steve Harvey's wife stole hearts with photos of their curly-haired grandson in a cute outfit

Marjorie Harvey can’t stop gushing about her youngest grandson, Ezra. The adorable baby has the fashionista wrapped around his little finger, and despite Steve Harvey’s alleged lack of enthusiasm about being a grandfather, a recent clip proves he’s as enthralled as his wife with the baby boy.

Marjorie Harvey continues melting hearts all over the internet with pics and videos of her adorable five-months-old grandson, the third child of her son Jason and his wife, Amanda. Baby Ezra joined the Harvey family in September, bringing the number of grandchildren to five.

The boy has taken front and center on Marjorie’s social media accounts, and one of her most recent Instagram pics left fans in awe about how cute he is. In the series of photos, the curly-haired tot was lying on the wooden floor and staring straight at the camera.

Fans couldn’t help but gush about Ezra’s black curls and long eye-lashes, and even Marjorie said as much when she posted close-up photos of his lashes and revealed she’ll be showing the snapshots to her “lash extensions girl” so she could have hers done the same way.

On another pic, the dotting grandma showed off the beautiful bond she has with Ezra, as the baby was sound asleep on her chest while sucking his finger. She captioned the post:

“Waking up with this precious angel #blessed.”

For the 54-year-old, being a grandma is the source of immeasurable joy. She’s constantly throwing themed parties for the kids on her backyard and loves to take them on vacation whenever she has the chance.

Marjorie was the first to share the news of Amanda’s pregnancy, revealed the gender of the baby with an adorable Instagram video, and announced baby Ezra’s birth on social media.

“Welcome Ezra Nehemiah Harvey,” she wrote. “Amanda and Ezra are both doing well. 7 pounds 12 ounces #blessed #grandson.”

And while Marjorie basks in the joy of grandparenting, her husband has a different point of view on grandkids.

"My wife is really into this ‘grandparent’ thing, so she lets them stay over at the house, and I told her ‘That’s not how this is supposed to work..."

The 62-year-old TV host is the ultimate family man, but he has joked on several occasions about not being entirely thrilled with his grandkids. During a segment of “Steve TV Show” last year, he joked about having the little ones invading his privacy with Marjorie.

“I’ve been waiting years for my kids to get out of my house. I wanna be an empty nester,” Steve admitted, adding:

“Now they come back to the house, and they got some more people with ’em. They always bring ’em over and drop ’em off. And I’m going ‘Now, I been talking to my girl all day long. All we been talking about was what was gon’ happen tonight. Then, I get to the house and here they is!”

The “Family Feud” host also told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her show that he’s not as happy as other grandparents.

“I don’t really get it,” he said. “My wife is really into this ‘grandparent’ thing, so she lets them stay over at the house, and I told her ‘That’s not how this is supposed to work. They supposed to come over and then go home.’”

On the same interview, Harvey revealed that he had “no idea” how old was little Ezra, and even said he didn’t like playing with the boy:

“I haven’t played with him yet. I don’t like them when they don’t have head control. I don’t like playing with kids with no head control. Hold your head — hold your damn head up, boy! You got to put them two fingers back there, and then it slides off. You feel responsible for them.”

Despite his jokes about being a grandfather and how serious he looks about it, Harvey has proved several times how much he enjoys spending time with his grandkids, even if he doesn’t like to admit it.

Recently, Marjorie shared a clip on Instagram that shows Steve playing with baby Ezra as the family got together to celebrate Lori Harvey’s birthday.

In the video, Steve is seen wiggling his fingers in front of the tot’s face and then earning giggles from the boy by getting really close to him and making weird sounds. Meanwhile, Marjorie held the baby on her lap and looks fondly at her husband playing with the kid.

Marjorie and Steve have five grandchildren. Marjorie’s daughter, Morgan, has a daughter called Elle, Steve’s daughter Karli has a son named BJ, and Jason and Amanda have a son named Noah and a daughter called Rose.

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