Steven Tyler is a proud father of four beautiful children - meet all of them

Feb 20, 2019
03:25 A.M.
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Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has beautiful children, some of whom are as popular as the legendary musician himself.


Most people know about his daughters, Liv Tyler, who earned much fame and adoration for her role in “Lord of the Rings,” and Mia Tyler, who also boasts some acting stints in television shows and movies like “Rush Hour 3.”

However, Steven Tyler also has two other children besides these more popular actresses. Tyler actually shares four children with three different women.


Besides Liv and Mia, Tyler’s other children are Chelsea Tallarico, 24, and Taj Tallarico, 22. Liv is his eldest child, at 34.

A closer look at the family reveals an uncanny similarity among all the siblings – they all share their father’s recognizable lips.


Among his four children, Liv is his daughter from model Bebe Buell. Similarly, 34-year-old Mia is his daughter with his ex-wife Cyrinda Foxe.

The two Tallarico children are children from his 18-year marriage with designer Teresa Barrick.


Many know about Liv and Mia due to their successful career in acting. However, Tyler’s youngest child, his son Taj, is also an actor made popular in “Lizzie McGuire.”

Meanwhile, his youngest daughter, Chelsea, is following in the footsteps of her father by choosing music as her life.


Chelsea is a member of the popular musical duo, Kaneholler, and is using music to change the lives of people. At the same time, she is also a model who has appeared in several popular magazines.


Despite being from separate mothers, the four siblings share a close bond with one another. Moreover, they all have immense love and respect for their father.

Expressing her adoration for her father, Liv previously said during an interview that her father has “a lot of magic” in him.


“Whenever I see him he ignites in me the inspiration to remember to be more playful and magical, especially with small children, to take them on adventures and so on.”

The rock star recently made headlines by performing a fabulous jamming session with actress Sharon Stone during a recent Grammy Awards viewing party. Tyler pulled Stone up on stage halfway through his closing performance of the hit song, "Walk This Way."