‘I love you, but it hurts in the morning,' D.L. Hughley on how he feels about Black women

Ra'eesah Manack
Feb 20, 2019
02:27 P.M.
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During an event for his upcoming late-night show, "The D. L. Hughley Show," the comedian revealed how he feels about Black women.


D.L. Hughley is known for sharing his thoughts regardless of who he might offend in the process. The comedian revealed many secrets to ESSENCE during an interview to promote his upcoming TV One show.


“I can’t go a week without someone getting mad at me,” the actor and comedian said during the interview.

Hughley revealed he “genuinely feels bad that some people misinterpret what’s said.” Either way, he won't apologize for the things he says that offends others. 


“I don’t feel bad that I said it, and I don’t feel bad for having a perspective that’s a diversion from the popular opinion,” he added.

Hughley is known for his controversial statements. In 2012, he said in an interview about his book that he “never met an angrier group of people” than Black women.


The comment coupled with many others led many people to question whether or not Hughley even likes Black women. Essence took one for the team and finally asked him for an answer to the burning question.

“Black women are like spicy food. I love you, but it hurts in the morning. I love Black women so much that all my mistresses have been Black,” Hughley joked.


The reporter pressed him for a deeper answer. In response to the question about if he really thinks Black women are angry, Hughley gave a full explanation.

“Most people say that, but don’t give you the out that you have a reason to be angry. What did James Baldwin say? ‘To be Black and conscious is to be angry all the time.’ It’s not wrong to be angry, it’s wrong to not know why,” he explained. Hughley continued, “Aren’t you angry when your sons are getting shot in the street? Aren’t you angry when you’re maligned? Aren’t you angry when you have to protect us more than we step up for you? So, why would you be mad when someone said that you were angry? What you’re mad about is that people don’t explain why. Black women are like spicy food. I love you, but it hurts in the morning.”


Hughley has been married for over 30 years. He added that he loves Black women even though he may not understand them sometimes.

“I love [Black women] in spite of the things that you think are deficits,” he said. “I like who you are. I love your strength. I love the way you roll your eyes. I love the way you get mad when you’re really hurt. I love it.”

Last year, Hughley had sparked debate when he claimed injustice over Bill Cosby's sentence. He drew attention to an important issue at the time.