Anne Graham Reveals That God 'Healed' Her from Cancer After 4 Grueling Months of Chemotherapy

Anne Graham Lotz has taken to social media to share her experience of her cancer treatment.

Lotz, who is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer she was diagnosed with three years ago, shared some personal details about a moment during her recovery. 

Graham felt that she received confirmation from God about how she should proceed with her treatment and wanted to share the message with her followers. 

On her website, Lotz describes that she had a deep feeling that God had, in fact, healed her of her cancer.

She had already undergone 6 treatments of chemotherapy to treat her cancer. Chemotherapy can have numerous side-effects and is very taxing on the body.

Lotz had serious misgivings about whether she should continue with the treatments, so strong was her conviction that she had been healed. 

She just could not see any reason to deal with the side-effects of chemotherapy if she had already been healed. She said

"The side-effects have been daunting. I did not want to continue treatments if they were unnecessary. "

Dealing with the internal turmoil, Lotz asked that God please "confirm from His Word whether or not [she] was to continue chemo treatments if [she] was already healed."

Lotz recounts that two hours later, her daughter Rachel-Ruth who sat with her spoke about a Bible school lesson that she was working on.

It was the story of Elisha who healed Namaan after telling him to wash himself in the river Jordan seven times. “Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan… and you will be cleansed.” 

For Lotz, the story came as an answer to her prayer, and she was at peace knowing that she should complete her chemo treatments. The passage in particular which inspired her: 

"When he came up the seventh time, he was healed! The seventh time! And I could hear the clear whisper of the Spirit, answering my prayer, confirming that I was to continue chemo…my next and last full treatment would be my seventh time!" 

She believes that through this trial, she would bring glory to God and magnify Jesus "until the Refiner sees His own reflection mirrored in my life."

Anne's father, renowned evangelist Billy Graham died of natural causes back in February, at the age of 99. Billy Graham said his daughter was the best preacher in their family. 

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