Naked William, Seductive Kate, Hot Harry, and Other Royals in Spoof Pics of Naughty Camerawoman

Cheryl Kahla
Feb 28, 2019
12:42 A.M.
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Alison Jackson is taking the world by storm with her series of controversial photos of royal family members in compromising positions. 


However, one would note on close inspection that it's not royal members all at. It's lookalike models, and the resemblances are uncanny. 

Her "Meghan and Harry" series show the fake couple doing yoga together, doing to the doctor for a checkup and choosing out baby names. 


That all sounds fairly innocent, but her "Kate and William" series consists of a photo in which the two royals are enjoying a bubble bath. Naked except for a few strategically placed bubbles.

While some of the photos in her series are controversial, most just show the royals going about everyday chores and activities. 

While on tour in New Zealand, Prince Harry met a Meghan-lookalike, albeit not one working as a Royal double. 


Everything from Prince Harry drinking a beer and eating a burger, to the Queen sitting on the loo with her panties down her knees, or Camila having a drink and a cigar. 

It's not only the royal she aims at. On no, Jackson has also photographed lookalike models of President Donald Trump, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and Elton John. 


Jackson admits that some of her projects had landed her in hot water before. She told This Morning Jackson: 

"I'm constantly thinking whether I should or shouldn't. I'm quite careful."

One of her controversial photographs – of Princess Diana showing her middle finger – saw the lookalike model being hounded by society for her involvement in the project. 


Jackson is a British BAFTA award-winning artist and photographer who loves to "explores the cult of celebrity," according to her Instagram bio. 

She prides herself on "convincingly creating realistic work about celebrities using lookalikes." 

Needless to say, her models cause quite a commotion when they are out and about doing "everyday activities" such as shopping or strolling or town. 

She has a new show coming up – titled "Double Fake" – which is set to start at the Leicester Square Theatre in March.