Couple Sparks Outrage as They Hang out of a Moving Train to Get the Perfect Photo for Instagram

A Portuguese couple has been severely criticized for taking a very dangerous selfie while aboard a moving train in Sri Lanka, and all for some Instagram fame.

Miguel and Raquel, two young and enthusiastic travelers, took the daring shot while dangling precariously out of the train, which was crossing a bridge at the time.

Although the picture looks quite romantic, with Miguel kissing Raquel's forehead, it still led a lot of people to criticize them for putting their lives in danger just for a photo.


Their fans and followers on social media described the picture as "reckless" and "irresponsible," as well as a particularly bad influence for others who might attempt to do the same.

In the picture, Raquel can be seen holding onto the carriage's rails with her whole body leaning out of the train, which was traveling through the small town of Ella.


The lovebirds, known for their adventures around the world, love to share beautiful snaps of their travels on their Instagram page, but this one did not impress their fans.

Despite being criticized for putting their lives at risk, the couple argued that the train was actually moving very slowly and that there was no risk involved whatsoever.

In fact, they claimed that some of their past hikes were more dangerous than dangling out of the train. Miguel and Raquel assured everyone that they didn't believe they were taking a risk and that they respected everyone's opinions.

Being careful is never a bad decision because anything can happen at any given moment, no matter how safe and controlled a situation may appear.


An unidentified tourist in China, for example, learned that lesson by dodging death after jumping across a 500-foot-high bridge. While jumping from plank to plank, the man's safety harness broke but he still managed to reach the other end.

The spine-chilling video, taken at the Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park, immediately went viral and while watching it is impossible not to fear for the man's life.

Without the safety harness, a missed step would have caused the man to fall to his death. Following the incident, the theme park attraction was forced to close but the video can still be found online.

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