March 28, 2019

‘American Idol’s’ Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner Reveal Details of Their Wedding

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19-year-old Gabby Barrett said "Yes" to the shocking proposal of her beau, Cade. Both Gabby, and Cade have come a long way, they were contestants of the talent show, "The American Idol," where they met. 

The genesis of their connection began when they met at the sixteenth episode of the show and they seem to have taken their feelings to another level. 


With a music profession on the line,  both youngsters work exceptionally hard and bring on their A-game. They take their music seriously,  but that doesn't mean they allow their love to decline. 


Recently, in an interview, Cade gave a sneak peek of their lifestyle and his proposal. In his words:

"The engagement had been a long time coming, though. I've been thinking about proposing for quite a while. It's getting harder and harder being apart. Doing all the traveling, we have to do; sometimes we have to go a month without seeing each other. That's a little much for me, so I decided to go ahead, and do this thing”.


It is now wedding bells for the duo, as the surprised and excited wife to be, accepted the request of her man to be his forever. She claimed that the proposal was “really fun,” as she enjoyed every minute spent with her lover, in LA. Undoubtedly,  the pair share a mutual feeling on the grounds of binding their affectionate love.

Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett at the The 52nd Annual CMA Awards | Photo: Getty Images


The soon to be Mrs. Foehner in an interview,  corroborated their intimacy, as she narrated how it all went down, in the course of their trip to Los Angeles.  She said:

" The hotel we were staying at while we were there was the same one me and  Cade met and hung out in for the first time during idol. So I told Cade,  we have to go back and check out the room and he agreed”.

Cade openly claimed he had no intention of popping the question while they journeyed to meet with a preacher, for pre-marriage counseling. However,  the ambiance sort of triggered him to. 


During a photoshoot session in the room, the 22-year-old knelt and asked his bae to spend the rest of her life with him!

As expected, they will soon say their vows, with a couple of "American Idol" judges in attendance. While he finished in fifth place, she finished third. They both expressed how much of an inspiration the judges on the show were.

These two have a sound understanding of their religion, with a reliance on "faith," they claim affects every area of their lives. 

The Christian couple announced that they'd like to win awards, considering the efforts they put in their music. While Cade just released his song  ‘Southern Hallelujah,’ Gabby also premiered her ‘Hope’ song.