Remember R&B Legend Ray Parker Jr.? He & Wife of 25 Years Have Four Grown-Up Handsome Sons

Ray Parker Jr. a singer, songwriter, and actor, was highly famous back in the ‘60s and ‘80s. He is better known for writing and performing the song “Ghostbusters,” from the film of the same name.

These days, Parker still reels on the success of his career in the entertainment industry, and he’s also the proud father of four handsome, grown-up boys, whom he shares with his wife of 25 years, Elaine Parker.

Although female fans were once infatuated with Ray, now he’s moving over and making place for his sons:  Ray III,  Redmond, Jericho, and Gibson Parker. Of the four, only two seem to have inherited the passion for music, and they’re working hard to make a name for themselves in the competitive music industry.


Ray III, the oldest of the boys, prefers to live out of the spotlight. He’s been engaged to his longtime girlfriend Lina for about two years, but that’s about all the information available on him.

Redmond, on the other hand, enjoys the spotlight just as much as his father. He’s a model and actor who loves traveling around the world and documenting beautiful places, and he also is continually joining his parents on new adventures or special events all over the world.

Jericho is a musician on the rise. He has released several songs on streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify. The most recent one is titled “Part 1,” a hip-hop album he made in collaboration with John Crosse, another underground rapper.

Lastly, Gibson is also following his dad’s steps into the industry, but instead of spitting bars, the young man makes beats. He’s a DJ and music producer currently studying at Belmont University. 

He’s making big moves in the EDM world and recently served as the opening act for Steve Aoki at the lights on the Lawn festival.


Despite leading three completely different lives, the Parker siblings always found time to reunite alongside their parents for a good old family vacation, dinner, or to celebrate special occasions.

However, Ray Parker Jr. is enjoying the lavish lifestyle that his hard work has allowed him to lead, constantly taking his lovely wife on sumptuous dinners, trips, and parties with his famous friends, including Eddie Murphy, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Denzel Washington and more.

Parker owns his wealth, in part, to the earnings he keeps getting from the royalties of the “Ghostbusters” theme song.

The tune has been remixed and remastered on several occasions, including the two sequels of the original film, which together grossed over $685 million.

Parker is aware that the song is probably going to outlive him, but he finds that is fantastic news for his kids and future grandkids. However, it is not all about the money for the singer:

“I got to tell you the best part of the song is when I see five or 10-year-old kids, and they’re smiling and happy. And everywhere I go they are just so happy, and that surpasses the fame, surpasses the money,” he stated.

On top of the money he gets from “Ghostbuster,” Parker also gets royalties from songs he wrote for Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin and more. So it’s safe to say the man will keep traveling around the world with his wife now that his kids are all out of the nest.

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