April 01, 2019

Texas School Teacher Receives Death Threats over Anti-Trump Task Given to Children

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A middle school teacher in Texas started receiving death threats after a concerned parent expressed her dismay. The teacher apparently gave and anti-Trump reading assignment to her seventh-grade class.

Last Tuesday, a Facebook post from House Rep. Briscoe Cain of District 128 caught the attention of the media. Cain posted the situation which happened wherein a parent complained about a teacher’s unnecessary and cunning way to set the mind of her students to being anti-Trump citizens.

The post read,

“A 7th grade teacher in Goose Creek ISD gave students an assignment of reading an essay named “Trump Against American Values” in an effort to teach them “inference”.

Chris Felder, a concerned parent whose child was exposed to this indoctrination exercise commented by saying, ‘This was an assignment my 7th grade daughter received that I found to be very out of place to say the least. This type of non factual rhetoric has no place in our schools regardless of who the president is. My children have experienced great teachers in the classroom, but have also had to put up with those who see their role as indoctrinators, not educators. As a fellow graduate of Goose Creek ISD, I’m embarrassed that this is what our District tolerates.’

This individual has violated the sacred trust that every parent has with the State of Texas when they send their child into a public school. They have lost the privilege of being in a classroom with Texas children, and forfeit the title of teacher. No teacher should attempt to indoctrinate a child to their ideology, no matter who is in the White House.”



In a statement given by Rep. Cain to ABC13,  he said,

"I know Superintendent O'Brien personally, and have seen first-hand how much he cares for students and high ethical standards in education. I'm thankful to Superintendent O'Brien and the District for the actions they took before my office brought this issue to light. I'm always glad to have the opportunity to engage in positive civil discourse on the issues that matter most to our community. Inappropriate behavior in the classroom must be brought to the attention of the public so our community can have a dialogue about what is appropriate classroom material for our children."

The essay talked about President Donald Trump giving “insensitive remarks toward other racial and cultural groups” and ended with a question on whether Trump should or should not be president.


Donald Trump speaks at campaign event at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino | Source: Shutterstock

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, director of communications at GCCISD, Beth Dombrowa revealed that the test was meant to help the students for a state test.


“…Clearly, the teacher did not use good judgment or did not review the materials that she received from an outside source thoroughly,”

she said.

“The matter was addressed with the teacher and the materials will no longer be used. The matter has been settled at the campus level, as appropriate.”

“We received many calls at the district following the issue of a media release and social media post that told part of the story and did not reflect the fact that the matter had been resolved within the district,”

continued Dombrowa.


“Many of those calls were deeply disturbing and threatening in nature. While we all agree that the particular passage should not have been used, the teacher made a simple error in judgment and had no ill intent. Like all of us, teachers are human and make mistakes from time to time.”

Donald Trump speaks at Edison New Jersey Hindu Indian-American rally for "Humanity United Against Terror" | Source: Shutterstock


While it is true that everyone makes mistakes, the teacher should have been more careful with her choice of text. Being an educator who shapes the minds of young ones, personal opinions and beliefs should not be imposed on kids with their own minds. Giving an assignment as such obviously implies something, even if they say nothing was intended by it.

The news spread and reactions were diverse. As a result, the teacher received threats from those who disapproved her decision and most likely, those who greatly support Trump. Parents also commented on the issue.

One parent said,

“Still, no matter the president, we should respect the office. And kids are impressionable -- they may interpret the essay as fact without input from their parents.”


Another parent told Yahoo Lifestyle,

“I’m disappointed that an elected official would use social media so irresponsibly and disingenuously. He put the teacher in danger because anyone in our community can easily identify [the teacher]. That’s a severe invasion of privacy. It was like throwing a bomb.”

Subtle anti-Trump tactics are no new news. With the ongoing diverse comments about America’s president, and opposing people scared of Trump supporters, it is often they just subtly hint their hate for Trump.

Second day of the Los Angeles City Hall Rally: Down with Trump! | Source: Shutterstock


Similarly, Meghan McCain made subtle hints of being anti-Trump while delivering her father’s eulogy. What made matters worse was the fact that Ivanka Trump was present that time. The eulogy included her saying,

“The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great,”

Hinting the slogan of Trump. McCain was not aware that the first daughter would be present during the service, and regardless if she was or wasn’t, McCain was just speaking her truth.