March 31, 2019

Young Mother Stuns Doctors by Delivering Healthy Twins One Month after Giving Birth to a Baby Boy

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Arifa Sultana, a 20-year-old woman from Bangladesh, surprised her doctors and the world by giving birth to twins almost a month after welcoming a premature baby boy.

The young woman was rushed to the Khulna Medical College Hospital in Khulna district in late February after feeling contractions. A while later, she gave birth to one child and was sent back home.

However, 26 days later (on March 21), the woman’s belly was still big, and she started feeling a lot of pain again similar to how she felt before giving birth. She was taken to the Ad-din Hospital in Jessore district as soon as possible.

“She had no idea that she had two other babies.”




Dr. Sheila Poddar was the gynecologist in charge of Sultana, and the first thing she ordered was an ultrasound. Much to her surprise, she found that the mother had twin babies on the way.

The doctor admitted that everyone in the medical facility was “shocked” and that she had never seen something like that. Soon after the news went viral, people started wondering how Sultana’s previous doctors didn’t notice the second pregnancy.



Dr. Poddar revealed that she and her family were very poor and that she had never had an ultrasound before, not even to check on the first premature boy’s development.

"She had no idea that she had two other babies. We carried out a caesarean and she delivered twins, one male and female," added Dr. Poddar, who pointed out that both babies were healthy and sent back home on March 25.



While surprising, a gynecologist in Singapore said that having uterus didelphys (the condition of having two uteruses) was not as uncommon as people might believe.

Dr. Christopher Ng of the GynaeMD Clinic said that the most likely thing that happened in Sultana’s case was that three eggs ovulated and were fertilized at the same time during her fertile period which resulted in three embryos and, ultimately, three babies.


Sultana finally said that even though she was happy that her children were all healthy, she was also worried because her husband earns less than $69 a month as a laborer, so raising all three will be a hard task.

She is not the only woman who surprised the world recently. Emma Miles, a 55-year-old mother of a daughter who was born without a womb, gave birth to her own grandchild.



Miles’ daughter, Tracey Smith, was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, which means that she has ovaries and fallopian tubes but not a womb.

She wanted to have a child no matter what, so Miles offered to carry the pregnancy for her. Through in-vitro fertilization, Miles got pregnant and, nine months later, she gave birth to her granddaughter, Evie, via cesarean.


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