Remember MJ's Love Interest in ‘Thriller’ Video? She Made Fans Gasp after Posting Photo of Herself

Oyin Balogun
Apr 02, 2019
09:00 A.M.
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Most people can probably remember sitting in the cinema, munching on their popcorn while watching the horror-themed acclaimed song of all time, "Thriller." Well, Ola Ray surely can!


Multiple award-winning song, "Thriller" is the highest grossing song of all time, thanks to the soul-chilling theme of the video. It was also one of the songs that defined the late Michael Jackson's career and also made him known worldwide. 


But Michael couldn't have done it alone. One of the people that helped bring the idea to life was actress Ola Ray who starred alongside the King of Pop as his love interest. Being so beautiful and innocent in the video made the 58-year-old even more captivating to viewers. 


To refresh our memory, "Thriller" was basically about Ola Ray's cluelessness as to who her date (Michael Jackson) truly was and that particular night "Thriller Night" was when her lover was going to show her who he was (a monster.)


The captivating video showed Ray all frightened when she saw what Michael had become at midnight. The story went on to show Jackson turn into a dead man and dance with fellow dead men. It was pure horror and one the actress was able to pull off as best as possible.


Years after the video was made, people are now trying to figure out what happened to the cute young girl in the "Thriller" video. In "Thriller," Ola had a much more toned caramel skin tone. But that has since changed with her skin color much paler and definitely whiter. 


In a recent picture shared by the 58-year-old actress on her Instagram page, Ray looks nothing like how she did when she featured in the music video that launched her career. 

Most of her fans took to the comment section to express their shock at the actress' new look. An Instagram user, @shygyal321 commented,

"So sad to see .. you were stunning that’s why he picked you. Now your a white woman a fuckin disgrace."

Just like @shygyal321, so many shared their disappointment at how drastic Ray had changed and wished she had remained the girl they fell in love with in "Thriller."


Ola who recently got a restraining order approved after she claimed that her ex-manager, Timothy Beal had been stalking and harassing her seemed to be unconcerned about the reactions of her fans and keeps living her life.