Steve Harvey's Wife Marjorie Shows off Tiny Waist in Kimono While on Vacation with Daughter Lori

Marjorie Harvey is in the middle of a “girls only” vacation with her daughter Lori Harvey around Asia. And as part of their adventures in Japan, the duo took some glamorous pics wearing modern kimonos, which enhanced the Harvey girls’ natural beauty.

A few days after celebrating granddaughter Elle's 4th birthday party, Steve Harvey’s beautiful wife and daughter  took off for a week-long vacation around the Asian continent that, until now, has taken them through Kyoto in Japan, Hoi An in Vietnam, and the Maldives in the Indian ocean.

Marjorie has been documenting the trip on Instagram, sharing pics from her always-on-point outfits and the new experiences she and Lori have delved into while on the Asian continent.

One of the photos showed the duo wearing modern Japanese kimonos. Marjorie donned a bright pink one with a black obi, which is the belt in the garment.

Lori, on the other hand, rocked a black one with a colorful confetti print, and a yellow obi.

“Bamboo Forest. Thank you @lesmondesjp for the beautiful modern Japanese kimono,” Marjorie captioned the picture.

Fans took over the comment section to gush about the pair and their incredible looks.

“A Fly Duo. Japan ain't ready!!!” wrote one user.

Another added, “Beautiful ladies. That’s how you rock a kimono!”

And a third one agreed, “Lori is such a beauty. Ms. Harvey, you are everything!!”

The mother of seven also shared a video from a samurai sword lesson in Kyoto, where she performed a choreographed fight with three samurai instructors, defeating them with grace and earning claps from her audience.

She also took part in a traditional game in Vietnam called Tinikling, in which six women moved bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination, while Marjorie followed a woman stepping over and in between the poles in a dance.

Marjorie and Lori also took a cooking lesson, visited Old Town in traditional Vietnamese cars, and rode bikes along the beach in the Maldives before taking a submarine ride and doing anti-gravity yoga.

The Harvey girls are enjoying their trip, and fans are loving the experience even if they only get to live it through social media.

Earlier this year, Marjorie came under fire when she stepped in to defend Lori from an alleged fan that called her with a misogynist slur. 

At the time, Lori was shoved to the limelight for dating singer Trey Songz, who’s thirteen years her senior. As a result, one social media troll questioned her character, writing in the comment section of one of her pictures: "They say she’s a h*e is it true?"

Angered, Marjorie came to her daughter’s defense and brutally responded to the commenter’s offense. Addressing the woman who maligned her daughter, she wrote,

“@thegirldoingthangz this is my daughter…not your mother.”

Marjorie's comment earned praise from some fans, who applauded her for defending her daughter. but others, more versed in Marjorie's past, made sure to turn the tables on her.

"That’s real funny considering her mother, Marjorie, has a really nasty past is known to be Reckless with other people’s husband," wrote one user. 

Before she married her current husband, Steve Harvey, Marjorie was rumored to be having an affair with him while he was still married to Mary Shackelford. In fact, Shackelford filed a lawsuit accusing Steve of cheating on her with Marjorie, but the petition was dismissed a few months later. 

Lori’s has also been linked to several men in the past years.

She was engaged to Dutch soccer star Memphis Day in 2017 but that didn’t pan out as planned. She was also rumored to have dated Future and P. Diddy’s son, Justin Combs. 

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