Tami Roman Explains Why She's Returning to 'Basketball Wives' despite Feuding with Her Co-Stars

Tami Roman reveals the reason why she is heading back to "Basketball Wives" despite saying she was done with the show during the end of Season 7. 

Tami Roman did not end "Basketball Wives" Season 7 on a good note with some of her co-stars, often resulting in bitter disputes amongst one another. By the end of the season, she revealed she was done. However, it turns out she is ready for more, and her role in Season 8 has been confirmed. 

During a recent interview on the NAACP Image Awards red carpet, Tami reveals that sometimes, you've got no choice but to fulfill a contract. That's exactly what happened with her, as it turns out she could not just terminate the one she had with the "Basketball Wives" producers. 

“Well you know, sometimes contracts hold you to certain situations, and I actually love filming Basketball Wives. I just had to make sure it was an environment I would feel comfortable in. And so they kind of promised me that, and so, contractually, I’m back!"

Changing her ways?

This isn't the first time Tami revealed she was trying to make things work when it comes to working with the rest of her co-stars on "Basketball Wives," as she previously vowed to "make changes" and share her improvements to try and make things right between all of them. 

Upon seeing an inspirational video by Tina Turner, Roman revealed how much it hit her and made sure to share it with everyone else, as it might be important to them, too. 

“I saw this interview and it spoke to me! This is me right now. I looked at myself & knew I needed to make changes – spiritually, mentally, physically, in business affairs, in all my relationships and life in general – critics, trolls & fake folks will try to keep me in a box & continue to spew negativity. But God! I know the work I’ve done, the positive changes I’ve made and I’m going to uplift myself. Get Into the new new because I personally am enjoying her.”

The other side of Tami 

According to Tami, she wholeheartedly wants to become a better version of herself, thus seeking help from others to counsel her. 

She disclosed that she wanted to get away from the drama and the negative thoughts people have associated with her, not only for her but for her children as well.

“I’m unhappy because people just see me one way. And ‘that’s not who I am,’ but it’s not only me. I have been battling with what’s making my lifestyle comfortable, but that hasn’t actually been making me, as a person on the inside, comfortable.”

According to Roman, she is unhappy with the way people perceive her to be, as this is only one side of her, and that's not who she is. She has been labeled as a certain type of woman, and this has made it hard for her to venture out and explore new career opportunities. 

However, Tami is determined to show people who she really is yet again on another season of her hit reality TV show, which has been filming for quite a while now. 

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