Little Girl Had the Best Response after a Kindergarten Teacher Questioned Her Drawing

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 05, 2019
07:48 A.M.
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Kids are generally fun, some kids, well are over-inquisitive and ask too many amusing questions, while other kids might as well crack you up with their deeds! The response of this kindergaten pupil to her teacher's question will make you laugh.


Whichever group they fall into, they sure are amazing, and laughable. A teacher rummaged her classroom after she dished out a drawing exercise to her students. She moved around to examine what and how they were doing. The teacher found a little girl, engrossed in her work, so she asked her what she was drawing.

A class of children painting | Photo: Shutterstock.


The pupil simply answered:

“I’m drawing a picture of God.”

A little girl drawing. | Photo: Shutterstock.


The startled teacher said:

“But no one knows what God looks like.”

However, the little girl who was not distracted by the teacher’s question continued and replied:

“They will in a minute.”   

Can you believe that!

This is super hilarious, and it sure was an excellent comic relief.