Film Editor Barry Malkin, Known for 'The Godfather Part II', Dies at 80

Film editor, Barry Malkin, was most famously known for "The Godfather Part II" and "The Cotton Club." He passed away at the age of 80. 

A spokesperson for the Malkin family confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that the award-winning editor died at his long-time New York home on Thursday.

The cause of the death had not yet been revealed. Malkin is survived by his wife, Stephanie, and his daughter, Sacha. 

A memorial will be held in due course, and his family asked that donations be made to the Southern Poverty Law Centre or the Neediest Cases Fund in lieu of flowers. 

Malkin's career spanned nearly six decades, and he had served as editor on thirty films and episodes, most famously "The Godfather Part II" and "The Godfather Part III."

Malkin was unfortunately not available to work on "The Godfather Part I." His wife Stepanie explains why: 

"Francis [Ford Coppola] so wanted Barry to do [the first one]. He said he couldn't because I was pregnant and he wanted me to stay in New York and not have to later go to L.A."

Malkin's first project was one episode of "The Patty Duke Show" in the early sixties, titled "The Birds and the Bees Bit."

He worked consistently throughout the years, also serving as editor on "The Rain People," "Dragonfly," "Peggy Sue Got Married," and "It Could Happen To You." 

Back in March 2018, "Godfather" actress and jazz singer, Morgana King, passed away at the age of 87. 

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