Erykah Badu's Daughter Puma Is Her Mother's Twin in New Snap

Singing legend Erykah Badu posed with 14-year-old Puma Curry in a new photo, and the similarity between mother and daughter is striking.

Diva Erykah Badu shared a photo on Instagram with her daughter Puma Curry, and fans were stunned by the similarity between the two.

Puma, 14, is Badu's second child, and is now a striking young woman who mirrors her mother's beauty in every detail.

"With [Puma], I see my reflection completely, and it helps me to love myself even more. And with [Mars], I am able to be really creative in my explanations and my explorations.”


Badu is mother to  Seven Sirius Benjaminin, 21; Puma Sabti Curry, 14, and  Mars Merkaba Thedford, 10.

She freely admits that in Puma she sees a younger version of herself. In addition to sharing her mom's stunning loks, Puma also has a powerful, melodic voice.


Badu has revealed that her children have taught her more about life and love than she could ever hope to teach them:

"We’re exploring together. They’re continuing to teach me how to be a human being and how to put them in order. I’ve discovered at this point that I’m a spiritual being first; a human being second; then man or woman third; then black or white or red or green, fourth; then an artist."


Badu's fans were struck by the resemblance between mother and daughter. The two even share Badu's unusual honey eye-color, the same features, and the same intense stare.

At Badu’s 47th birthday celebration, Puma sang for her mother, and her voice is simply superb.

Instagram/Erykah Badu/stories/screenshot

Instagram/Erykah Badu/stories/screenshot


Badu attended the  2018 Soul Train Awards with her mother and her three children, where she received the prestigious Legend Award.

Badu shares Steven with rapper André 3000 of OutKast, Mars with rapper Jay Electronica, and the gorgeous Puma with West Coast rapper The D.O.C.

Little Mars promises to be just as stunning as her mom and her big sister, as can be seen on her first cover on Harper's Bazaar.

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It looks as if Puma Curry inherited more than just her stunning looks from soul diva Erykah Badu.

At Badu’s 47th birthday celebration, Puma sang for her mother, and her voice is simply superb. Badu shared the clip of her performance on Instagram, thanking her daughter for her tribute.

It will be interesting to see which direction Puma's talent will take. WIll she follow in her rapper dad's footsteps, or become a soul diva like her mom?

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