Viral Singing Bartender Erika Kayne Performs in Times Square (Video)

Jaimie-lee Prince
Apr 23, 2019
03:50 P.M.
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Erika Kayne performed in Times Square just days after her amazing pipes made her go viral. She also got a chance to meet two big names in the music industry. 


The Cleveland singer has been working on her singing career for years. In other words, she put in the work before she got her big break. When it finally came in the form of a karaoke video gone viral, she was ready. 

Kayne was praised by musicians and actors alike when a video of her waiting tables, cashing, and singing at the same time went viral. The fact that she did all this and still sounded absolutely amazing sent listeners over the edge. 


Among those who reached out to meet the waiting star was ABC's "Strahan and Sara." There, Kayne got to meet Keke Palmer and Ashanti, guest hosts for the occasion.

She shared a bit of the event that brought her there: 

"I’m at my father’s restaurant and lounge, KeVante’s, and we do this every Thursday. Every Thursday it’s karaoke night, so that’s the regular for me. They actually skip over me a lot and they never let me sing.”


Whoever followed up Kayne's rendition of Jazmine Sullivan's "Need U Bad" that Thursday night certainly had a lot of pressure on them. On Friday though, it was all about Kayne and she certainly made the night her own. 

The confident young woman opted to sing an original song called "Heart For Sale." When she finished, her dreams of selling out on stages didn't seem far-fetched at all. 


Afterward, Kayne sent out a thank you message on Instagram (it wasn't her first so far) to the show for having her own and of course to Palmer and Ashante who she said she was "extremely blessed" to have met.

Other people who took to Instagram after Kayne's story came out were SZA, Kandi Burruss, Justin Whitehead, and musician Snoop Dogg. The latter not only commented underneath the initial post but reposted Kayne as well.


He wrote: 

"No, she didn't work the register and the mic. [fire emojis] Yes she did. That's black girl power she needs a deal. Pronto." 

Kayne responded by thanking "Uncle Snoop" for his shout out and expressing her amazement that he'd even reposted her talents.

It certainly looks like she's on her way. Funny enough, Kayne said it wasn't the first time a patron recorded her, she allows them to do it all the time. Apparently, this was just her time to shine.