U.S. Military Trick to Make You Sleeping Soundly Within 2 Minutes

Apr 29, 2019
09:23 A.M.
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It is important for people in the military to sleep properly as they need to be well rested in order to defend their country. The US military have even developed a trick for soldiers to be able to fall asleep in under 2 minutes.


People in the military; whether it be the army, navy, or air force, all only get a few hours of sleep each night. Therefore it is important that they spend all that time sleeping.

Those who struggle to sleep are covered by the US military’s trick to ensure a good night’s sleep for their soldiers. Even civilians can benefit from this knowledge.



The trick has been tested in extreme situations, so it works even if one is trying to sleep in a noisy or stressful environment.

The first step is that one needs to get into a comfortable position, which could be lying down in a bed or even sitting in a chair.


Secondly one needs to close one’s eyes and focus on breathing steadily with all the facial muscles relaxed. It is also important to drop one’s shoulders and let the rest of the limbs relax.

Thirdly, one needs to clear one’s minds of any thoughts until it is completely blank. As each new thought enters, clear it from the mind. This requence should ensure sound sleep.





Besides the US military trick, there are other techniques to achieve a good night’s sleep. Rooms with lower temperatures are easier to fall asleep in than warm rooms.




Many people also swear my doing meditation before bed and sticking to a routine to help one fall asleep faster and have less sleepless nights.



Lastly, two of the most important ingredients to a good night’s sleep is to eat a healthy diet and to not have naps during the day.

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